Website Login Feature

Unless you are a user of the Reading Room, no login is required for use of any other website capability. Click on the button to the right to access the site’s homepage.

Login Capability

If you wish to Log-in to the AWA website, click on the button to the right. If you wonder if you need a Login, read below.

Gift Membership – Login

Currently, the Login to the website is a new feature that applies only to a new Antique Wireless Association (AWA) member whose gift membership provides the AWA Journal and AWA Review in read-only page on the AWA website instead of a printed version that gets mailed to AWA members. This Login feature supports the new AWA promotional program whereby current AWA members can buy gift AWA memberships for friends as a way of introducing them to AWA.

Only gifted first year memberships with the ability to read our publications on-line need to login to the AWA Website.

Those gift memberships come in two types:

1. the new member will receive the Journal and Review mailed to them (so they are just like us and do not need that login) and,

2. the new member has to go on the web site to read the Journal and Review (they will need to log-in to access the read only publications).

These gift memberships are for their first year of membership only. That Login allows the read-only gift members to read the AWA Journal and AWA Review. They will get a password for that purpose.

Members or a non-member website visitor do not need a Login unless they have Reading Room access..  As part of Antique Wireless Association memberships, you get the AWA Journal and AWA Review mailed to you, so you do not need to access that feature using a password.

Since the gift program is just getting started, the Log-In function in the search bar menu area has just been added.

To review membership gifting opportunities, click on the button to the right.