Radio Club of America Exhibit

The RCA exhibit at AWA provides an opportunity for members and enthusiasts to view some of the early historical documents, awards, and yearbooks preserved by RCA’s members. Rare items include the 1909 secretary’s minutes, list of members, and ledger. The original copper and zinc printing plates used to create the 25th Anniversary Yearbook are on display along with an early Armstrong medal.  RCA’s banner is hanging. This is a reproduction of the original 1915 banner presented to the club by the U.S. Navy in appreciation for the club’s wireless operators who handled wireless traffic for the Navy in a station set up in the Hotel Ansonia while the fleet was visiting New York City.

A photo of the station is included in the 25th and 50th  Anniversary issues.  By chance, the opening of the RCA exhibit coincides with a new exhibit that opened in May about AWA’s benefactor, inventor and philanthropist Thomas Peterson, who was also an RCA member and Fellow, many incredible scientific items reflecting his diverse collecting interests are on display.  AWA and RCA intend to continue their partnership. If you have items to send to AWA to add to the display or the archive or information to share about RCA or to access the archive, please contact AWA’s Museum curator, Lynn Bisha.