Marconi Gallery and Titanic Wireless Room

Guglielmo Marconi was the first inventor to realize and develop the commercial potential of wireless telegraphy. With his breakthrough ideas, utilizing a ground and overhead antenna, he was able to extend the effective range of his wireless to many miles. By surrounding himself with the greatest wireless inventors and engineers of the day, he developed many wireless instruments that would expand the usefulness of his wireless system. Many of his rare original pieces of apparatus are on display in this room.

To your left is a recreation of Titanic’s Marconi wireless room using authentic era devices. The rest of the exhibit includes rare original pieces of Marconi Wireless Company apparatus discovered in attics and collections around the world.

Without Marconi’s wireless aboard the Titanic, all lives would have been lost. This one event influenced the development of ship to shore communications more than any other. Marconi and his wireless proved instrumental in providing increased safety for all future ship travel.