Vision, Mission and

Core Values

The AWA Vision

To be renowned world-wide as a premier steward of electrical communication history, including the innovators, their devices, stories and documentation, all dedicated to education of the public.

This statement is our “forward looking” view of the Antique Wireless Association and our museum facilities and activities. To better understand this vision, review the mission statement below.

The AWA Mission

To reach our Vision by

  • Being a “steward” committed to continuously preserving, improving, expanding, and sharing all aspects of the AWA Collection to educate the public about the history of communication.
  • Supporting an understanding of the central role of communications to society and the economy.
  • Educating the public and our members by sharing the on-going history of electrical communication innovators and innovations by:
    • Offering classes for all ages through the AWA Educational Institute;
    • Providing Museum Historian guided tours for visitors of the Museum;
    • Producing educational programs on public media such as the AWA YouTube Channel and Facebook;
    • Maintaining and expanding communication history on the AWA Web Site;
    • Sponsoring “On Air” amateur radio events demonstrating and celebrating amateur radio historical communication technologies.
  • Hosting an annual AWA Conference and annual AWA Spring Meet with educational programs and promoting the availability and exchange of communication related materials with networking opportunities;
  • Maintaining and improving a world-class Museum and research Library.
  • Encouraging, recognizing and assisting in beneficial scholarly research through initiatives such as publishing the AWA Review and AWA Journal and making them available to the public.
  • Supporting and encouraging the involvement of future generations.
  • Supporting and participating with other organizations who share similar goals.

The AWA Core Values and Principles

To accomplish our Vision and Mission, the Board, staff, and volunteers of AWA will be accountable for and conscious of the following:

  • We will favor decisions that create long term preservation of communication history over short term expediency for the AWA. If it is not good for the preservation of communications history, it is not good for the AWA.
  • All parties to any decision will be treated with respect, dignity, compassion, grace integrity, honesty, and fun.
  • The AWA will model the behaviors – walk-the talk – we want to see in others in the decisions we make and the actions be take.
  • Our actions and decisions will begin with the positive desired end results in mind of our Vision recognizing the cause-and-effect conditions that will create those results.
  • We will encourage others to join us cooperatively in achieving our Vision by sharing our knowledge and experience and encouraging individuals and groups to identify ways to join in that vision.