AWA Store

The AWA Store is organized to support on-line and mail-in purchases. Presently, only Donations and Memberships can be purchased on-line. Merchandise may be ordered using a form accessible at the bottom of this page.

AWA on eBay

The AWA Museum staff periodically posted communication related items or communication equipment components on eBay. To review whether there are currently any items being offered, visit the eBay page here.

Donations and Memberships – On-Line

The AWA Store provides an on-line shopping cart purchasing system. For your convenience, the store is organized to allow the user to select either making an on-line donation or purchasing an AWA membership. Based upon your need, links to each category if merchandise are provided below.

On-Line Donations

Donations options are available in the on-line store. Go to the on-line Shop and selected which type and level of donation you wish to make.

On-Line Memberships

The complete array of on-line membership options are available with a set of choices for each class and type. Whether you know or not which class of AWA membership you wish to join or renew, please visit the Classes of Membership page to select which class is best for your specific membership and the type and level for the selected class. PayPal or Credit Cards are supported.

If you know which class you wish to utilize, use the button to the right and select your class and level of membership.

Donations and Membership – Mail-In

Mail-In Donation

The button to the right will allow you to view and print the mail-in donation form.

Mail-In Membership

If you wish to make a membership payment using the mail, a series of application pages can be accessed by using the button to the right.

AWA Store Mail-In Ordering

Currently, the AWA Store merchandise are available by mail-order. Items include past issues of the AWA Journal and AWA Review as well as other items AWA offers using this capability.

Some on-hand as well as special order items with AWA logo are available. Size and color options can be selected, when appropriate.

To purchase a selection of products from the AWA Museum Store, click on the button to the right and a review of merchandise and order form page will be available.