AWA Review Vol. 31 Article

Provided below is the Preface and link to view an article published in 2018 in the AWA Review Volume 31 issue.

Preserving the Story of Greater Boston’s Pioneering Broadcast Stations 1XE and WGI

Author:  Donna L. Halper, Ph.D.

Station 1XE, later known as WGI and then WARC, was also known as “the AMRAD station.” But by any name, it was one of the first radio stations in the United States to broadcast voice and music, beginning in 1916. It had one of radio’s first women announcers; it offered some of the first regular newscasts; and in early 1922, it began providing college courses by radio. The AMRAD station was also home to many of greater Boston’s best-loved entertainers and announcers, some of whom went on to national fame. Yet today, this pioneering radio station is all but forgotten. Media historian Donna Halper takes a closer look at the AMRAD station’s history, discuss­ing its important role in early broadcasting, and why it deserves to be remembered.

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