Most Recent Awards

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As part of each Annual Conference Banquet, the AWA presents a series of AWA Awards. Below are the AWA Conference Awards for 2022:

The AWA Houck Award for Preservation recognizes the acquisition, preservation and documentation of an outstanding collection of electronic communication artifacts

Presented to John Ellsworth – For his years of Preservation and Documentation of the history of radios and radio history as Founder and Museum Director of the Vintage Radio and Communication Museum of Connecticut since 1990.

The AWA Houck Award for Documentation recognizes quality original research and writing on the history or evolution of electronic communication technology in a published book, several articles in the AWA Review or AWA Journal or other publicly available periodical or long running website.

Presented to Jim and Felicia Kreuzer – For assembling a world-class collection of ephemera and artifacts and sharing their knowledge through articles, loans to the Museum and presentations

The Bruce Kelley – OTB Award is given to the individual who published an article in the AWA

Journal judged to be the most original, historical presentation of the award year

Presented to Richard Place, WB2JLR – For his article “a History of HCJB, “The Voice of the Andes”, which appeared in the Spring 2022 AWA Journal

Nominated by David Kaiser

 The J. Albert Moore Award, named in honor of a major contributor to the Antique Radio Club of America, recognizes original writing in the AWA Journal on troubleshooting, restoration techniques, performance evaluation, and identification techniques.

Presented to Tom Bavis – For his article “The Stromberg-Carlson Pagemaster – A Call From Your Coat Pocket, which appeared in the Autumn 2021 AWA Journal

Nominated by David Kaiser

The Robert Murray Award is awarded in honor of Robert Murray, AWA Review Editor Emeritus, for excellence in writing in the AWA Review

Presented to Eric Wenaas – For his 2022 AWA Review article “Oliver Lodge’s Contribution to the Invention of Radio”

Nominated by Timothy Martin

Presented to Alexander “Sandy” MacMillen – For dedicated effort as AWA Registrar to systematic document and record the Museum artifacts, archives and ephemera.

Presented to David Hunter – For his work and leadership with Museum Historians

The Max Bodmer Award is presented in recognition of creation of works that support future scholarship in the field of electronic communication history.

Presented to Robert Hobday – For his leadership and efforts in AWA’s educational outreach programs.

The Peckham Award is presented to memorialize the passing of Lauren Peckham, AWA’s third president and his many years of service to AWA.

Presented to Stanley Avery – For his leadership, sage guidance and countless hours as AWA Treasurer and AWA Museum Store Manager

The AWA Curator’s Award – 2022

Presented to Joel Kosoff – For his efforts on the 1BCG Transmitter 100th Anniversary celebration and continuing commitment to transmitter restorations.

The Museum Award – 2022

Presented to Caroline MacMillen – For her significant contribution and many hours as Membership Chairman and AWA Assistant Librarian.

The AWA Conference Award – 2022

Presented to Joseph Fell III – For his organization and leadership of the 2021 Conference.

2021 Bruce Kelley Memorial QSO Party

Presented to John Bogath N2BE

2022 Linc Cundall CW Contest  

Presented to Willard A Revaz W1TS

2022 John Rollins Memorial CW/AM DX Contest

Presented to John Bogath N2BE

AM QSO Party  

Note: to be presented at the 2023 Conference


Ralph O Williams Display Award

Presented to Bill Burns – Telcon Cable Display

Best of Show Award

Presented to Jim and Felicia Kreuzer – 1924 Grebe Mobile Car Radio

People’s Choice Award

Presented to Steve Wallace – Massie Oscilloscope Detector