AWA Media and


AWA has several publication platforms or media vehicles with which to communicate to members and the interested public.  Some are produced in hardcopy and mailed to members, while others are strictly electronic in nature.  Copies of the hardcopy publications can be purchased by members and non-members.  However, note that there is not an unlimited supply, so order as close to release as possible. 

Museum Sparks

Museum “Sparks” began as a quarterly e-newsletter and become a monthly newsletter, e-mailed to all Friends of the Museum members and is posted on the AWA website for downloading.  The content provides information about events, educational classes, new or revised exhibits, and general news about AWA and the Museum.

To review the Museum Spark publications, to here.

The AWA Journal

The AWA Journaloriginally called the Old Timers Bulletin (OTB), is a quarterly hardcopy journaling of AWA activities and is mailed to all regular AWA members.  Included are a set of columns of communication technology focus, AWA Museum operations activities and book reviews.

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The AWA Review

The AWA Review, now in its 33nd year of publication, is produced in hardcopy once a year, usually in late spring.  It is provided as part of a regular AWA membership.  With over three hundred pages of material, it provides a mechanism for authors to tell a complete story on some communication topic.  It is peer reviewed, making its contents as comprehensive and accurate as possible here.

The AWA Website

Back when AWA was formed in the early 1950s, the printing press and US Mail were the communication mechanisms available to inform members and educate them about the organization’s events and activities.  The website is now being created in a third-generation version.  With smartphones, news travels fast and the cost of printing and postage limits the physical media distribution efforts of AWA.  Therefore, the website is becoming a critical component of AWA’s information sharing capabilities.

The AWA Gateway

Publication of the AWA Gateway is current inactive.  Created in electronic form as a quarterly reviewed with journal of basic interest especially for newcomers to the hobby.  Although inactive, it is posted on the web site to provide articles of interest.

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