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AWA Capacitor DC Leakage Tester PCB

This bare printed circuit board (PCB) can serve as a component of a capacitor DC leakage tester and capacitor former.  This printed circuit board component and the resulting Capacitor DC Leakage Tester are intended for experienced persons. The completed unit and associated components produce potentially dangerous voltages.

A capacitor DC leakage tester that utilizes the populated PCB develops a test voltage that is adjustable over the nominal range 10 to 600 volts DC.  It uses a dual primary transformer, which can be configured for 120 or 240 volt AC operation.  To measure leakage current, a digital multimeter or accurate 20 kiloohms/volt VOM can be used to monitor the voltage across a resistor in series with the ground end of the capacitor under test.   The meter scale is then 1 volt equals 1 milliampere of leakage.  Provision is also made for monitoring the charge/discharge voltage across the capacitor under test using a DMM or VOM.  By using two meters simultaneously, one can monitor both applied voltage and leakage current as the voltage is increased.

The bare PCB ships with a representative wiring diagram and parts list with Mouser part numbers.  The cost of the additional components is currently about $30, not including an enclosure, line cord, fuse, on/off switch and hookup wire.

Price:  $25 including shipping to USA addresses