Printed Circuit Board # 9

Universal Preamp Power Supply

(PC Board Only)

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AWA Preamp Power Supply PCB
AWA Phono Preamp and Power Supply PCBs

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We have received information that appears to indicate that there are fake LR8N regulators on the market.  Be careful and test your LR8N according to the LR8N datasheet before integrating the regulator into your circuit.


The universal preamp power supply PCB is for the AWA MM preamp or similar applications.  Four voltage regulators for heaters and B+.  Transformers on PCB: 12VA or 24VA size.

B+ #1: 200-300V variable @ 5 mA, has a second output with additional filter for low level stage

B+ #2: 200-300V @ 5 mA or 20 mA (up to 70 mA with a larger transformer)

Dual 12.6VDC heater supplies (one can be biased positive to keep within H-K limits with a cathode follower, cascode, etc.).  0.3A each (0.6A with larger transformer), 6.3VDC or adjustable supply is optional.

PCB is 6.5” x 6.5”, includes a typical parts list and schematic.  Bare PCB only, no other parts included.

This is a project for advanced builders who are familiar with the hazards of AC line voltage and high voltage DC. Additional information is available at the link below.

Price: $24 including postage for U.S. addresses

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This offering is for the bare PCB only and additional components are required. 

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