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Bare Printed Circuit Board, AM Slider, Synthesized Signal Source

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The AWA “AM Slider” is a low cost, synthesized signal source designed specifically for AWA’s Low Power AM Transmitter. It replaces the DIP oscillator on the transmitter assembly, providing a TTL level output signal that can be programmed to any frequency between 530 and 1710 KHz. It allows the Low Power AM Transmitter to operate on frequencies below 1 MHz, in which range standard DIP oscillators are not readily available.

Hobbyists who have already built the AWA Low Power AM Transmitter board can easily mount it to the AM Slider, and with a few soldered connections will be able to transmit on any of the AM broadcast frequencies. Changing the frequency of reference crystal will allow the AM Slider to generate frequencies in 9 KHz steps for use in Europe and Australia.

When used with the AWA Low Power AM Transmitter, the AM Slider derives its DC power from the 9-volt wall power supply used to power the transmitter.

The AM Slider can also be used in stand-alone applications such as existing tube-type low power AM transmitters; in this stand-alone application a source of 5 volts DC derived from a 5.1-volt Zener diode in the oscillator cathode circuit can be used.


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Downloadable Information:

Fabrication Diagram of Board

The AWA AM Slider – A Synthesized Signal Source

The downloadable document provides a written description of the AWA AM Slider design, capabilities, programming and operation.

Configuration Programming Options


This offering is for the bare PCB only and additional components are required.  The component cost of the basic AM Slider used in a stand-alone application such as a tube-type transmitter, no enclosure, is under $12.  For use with an existing AWA Low Power AM Transmitter, component cost is under $35 including the enclosure, $25 excluding the enclosure.

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