Printed Circuit Board # 3

AWA Signal Sniffer, an AF & RF Signal Tracer (Bare PCB Only)

Price: $16 including shipping to USA addresses.

PCB #3 Rev B
PCB #3 Rev B (Back Side)
Representative Assembly
(Board Only for Purchase)

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The AWA Signal Sniffer PCB circuit is a compact battery-operated signal tracer capable of detecting audio frequencies and radio frequencies and delivering the output to a loudspeaker.  The purpose of signal tracing is to locate the defective stage of a malfunctioning electronic system such as a radio, audio amplifier or guitar amplifier.

The AWA Signal Sniffer is a handy audio amplifier for a quick check of audio output from preamps, mixers, tuners, microphones, etc.  The bare PCB ships with a schematic and representative parts list.  This offer is for the bare PCB only.  Additional parts are required and the current cost, without enclosure, is about $21.  The Hammond enclosure is about $7 more and drilling instructions are included with the PCB.

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