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100th Anniversary Celebration of the First Trans-Atlantic Radio

Transmission of a Message by Amateur Radio

Saturday, December 11, 2021

On a cold winter night on December 11, 1921, members of the Radio Club of America were able to send the first amateur radio message from a small shack in Greenwich, CT to be received by American Paul Godley in Ardrossan, Scotland. This transatlantic test proved the value of shorter wavelengths – long considered worthless to long distance communications and through their success ushered in the age of global shortwave radio communications.

The Antique Wireless Association, in association with the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut in Windsor, CT, the Radio Club of America, the American Radio Relay League, and the Radio Society of Great Britain, will participate in the 100th Anniversary special events to be held Saturday, December 11, 2021.

For the 75th anniversary celebration of the 1BCG accomplishment in 1996, AWA members Bob and Mike Raide constructed a replica of the 1921 transmitter. For this 100th celebration, AWA Museum Staff has restored the replica. AWA will place the replica transmitter on display at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT Saturday morning and early afternoon, December 11, 2021.

The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut in Windsor CT has graciously offered to host AWA operation of the replica transmitter during the evening of December 11th. “AWA sincerely appreciates the support and commitment of VRCMCT Museum and Museum Staff to make this 100th anniversary celebration use of the AWA replica transmitter possible.” said Robert Hobday N2EVG, AWA President and Chairman.

In the afternoon, the AWA replica will be moved to an operating location at VRCMCT for transmission of the original 1921 message beginning at sunset and throughout that evening. The transmitter will be operating as W2AN/1BCG on 1.820 MHz, plus or minus, using CW. Members of the RSGB in Ardrossan will be listening for those signals with the goal of replicating the 1921 successful transatlantic reception using a 1921 designed transmitter. The 1921 message was sent one-way. Acknowledgment of Paul Godley’s reception of 1BCG’s massage was sent back to the US via telegraph to Wales and the Marconi high power radio transmitter from Wales.

To review the efforts for preparing things at the AWA Museum, visit this website’s History Event page here.

For further details on the operating schedule and the history of the accomplishment in 1921, please visit the AWA website.

Any station receiving the 100th centennial message sent by W2AN/1BCG can receive a 100th 1BCG Anniversary Certificate e-mailed from AWA by e-mailing their report to

AWA Conference Update


Major updates to this website have been made today with respect to the AWA Conference Schedule and the AWA Conference Auction which has a notice regarding a Heathkit O-1 oscilloscope to be sold. (Click on previous titles to view the pages.)

You cannot attend Conference? The above page provides information on how to place a mail-in bid on the O-1 Oscilloscope.



The AWA LEARN IT, BUILD IT, FIX IT class series is now scheduled to begin October 16, 2021. Learn Stereo Applifier. Details are available by clicking on button to the right.

AWA Launches a New Series of Monthly Zoom Meetings called “AWA Shares


Each month on Wednesdays, there will be a one hour well researched presentation by an expert in their field followed by a short question and answer period from the attendees.  AWA Webinar Wednesdays on Zoom will be held the third Wednesday of the month with a refreshing new topic with each meeting. You do not need to be an AWA member and the meetings are FREE!

You must register for each session. Details can be found on the AWA Shares page.

Commemorating December 11, 1921


2021 marks the 100th year anniversary of the historic Transatlantic Tests. On December 11, 2021 the American Radio Relay League, The Radio Club of America and the Antique Wireless Association will recreate these historic transmissions on 160 meters near the same location that was used in 1921, using a replica transmitter constructed by volunteers at the Antique Wireless Association.

This special event is your opportunity to relive a historic moment in amateur radio history. The button to the right has all the details.

AWA Journal Summer 2021 Issue


The US Postal Service has been taking longer to deliver our publications.  The Summer AWA Journal was mailed on July 13, and should be in everyone’s hands soon.  This issue is being mailed in an envelope rather than a wrapper, and we will evaluate whether this improves delivery and reduces the number of damaged copies received by members.

David D. Kaiser, Editor

Spring 2021 “Museum Sparks


The Volume 5 No.2 issue of the AWA “Museum Sparks” has been posted.

To view or download this issue, click on button to the right.

Ham Shack Donations


To date, AWA has received donations to the Ham Shack Development Fund totaling $160,000 toward our goal of $165,000. Just $5,000 more needed.

Now is the perfect time for us all to make the ham shack a reality.

On-Line Donations can be made here.  Mail-in donations info is available here

Robert Hobday, President

Raymond Shatzel – Silent Key


I am sorry to report that long time AWA member Raymond Shatzel W2XC of Lancaster, NY passed away on June 24, 2021. He was the loving brother of Charlene A. (Paul) Blakita; dear father of Royce, Navarre and Marina Shatzel. Ray was an avid amateur radio operator (W2XC) and was Vice President of Electronic Sales at Hammond Manufacturing. He was a member of the Board of Directors for Hammond Manufacturing, HEL Hammond Electronics Limited (UK) and the Hammond Museum of Radio in Guelf Ontario Canada.

Ray will be missed by all who knew him.

Bob Hobday

Ray Shatzel

Tom Peterson – Silent Key


It is with a very, very heavy heart that I report that Tom Peterson passed away in February 2021. He was a gentle man, inquisitive, quick to laugh, and brilliant.

Tom Peterson served for 22 years on the AWA Board of Trustees and 17 years as AWA Director. Under Tom’s leadership AWA has achieved international recognition as a premier communication’s historical organization with a world-class museum. Tom led the way to develop the Thomas Peterson AWA Campus which includes 4 buildings on five acres. Tom’s leadership and support made that possible.

Tom Peterson

Tom filed for his first patent (for a perpetual calendar) at 13. He established a home laboratory and continued to invent and publish in peer-reviewed journals for decades. Tom attended MIT, but returned early to help with the family firm, Preformed Line Products. His father had founded the firm in 1947 after inventing an advanced protective rod to cover conducting lines for electric utilities. Tom also had a passion for photography that had been inspired by one of his MIT professors. Even as Tom continued to support his father’s enterprise, he also pursued this emerging art. He eventually founded Motion Picture Sound, Inc., which provided audio services for corporate and government projects as well as Hollywood movies like A Christmas Story.

Upon his retirement as AWA Director, the AWA Board of Trustees elected him Director Emeritus. Tom received the AWA President’s Award in 2007. Also, a member of Radio Club of America, Tom received the RCA Ralph Batcher Award in 2017.

I always enjoyed our long conversations (they were never short), his enthusiasm, his thoughtful counsel, his encouragement, and his support. He will be missed by all and especially by those lucky to be able to call Tom their friend.

Bob Hobday

“Silent Key” October 21, 2020


Howard A. Corey W1CL

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Howard Corey (“Howie”) of Randolph Center, VT passed away October 21, 2020 after a brief illness. He attended the AWA Annual Conference each year and I looked forward to chatting with him every year. Howie was a quiet man worth listening to and always was trying to learn something new by asking questions. He grew up in Bristol, CT and after high school attended the General Motors Institute where he majored in engineering. After graduation, he worked on brake design at the Bristol GM plant for several years.

From 1961 to 1964, Howard served in the Air Force. He attended electronics and radio school and served in Korea where he maintained aircraft navigational aids. After his service, Howard returned to Connecticut where he worked in television as a transmitter engineer at WTIC in Hartford.

From 1961 to 1964, Howard served in the Air Force. He attended electronics and radio school and served in Korea where he maintained aircraft navigational aids. After his service, Howard returned to Connecticut where he worked in television as a transmitter engineer at WTIC in Hartford.

Howie retired from WTIC and moved to Randolph Center where he lived high on a hill assuring good radio reception. He was an active member of the National Association of Amateur Radio, American Radio Relay League, and the Antique Wireless Association.

Howie enjoyed dinners with family and his many friends and conversing with his radio friends all over America. The Annual AWA Conference will not quite be the same without Howie to talk to.

His smile, humor, conversation and friendship will be sorely missed.

Bob Hobday