AWA Communication Technologies Museum

Video Introduction

Although the AWA Communication Technologies Museum and its extensive collection are valuable assets in a monetary sense, these assets and the Museum staff provide a wonderful opportunity to expose yourself to radio related technologies while at the same time meeting and becoming friends with others of similar interests.  Whether its an infrequent visit to the site or you are able to spend one or more days a month at the site acting as one of many Museum Historians.

Future AWA Museum Entrance

The AWA Communication Technologies Museum, with its world-class collection of artifacts and ephemera and Museum Historians, offers a visitor the opportunity to drop back in time to explore and discover the history of the technologies we use today in our everyday life.  Think about how the ability to communicate instantly around the world has become an important and vital given in our lives.  Your visit to the Museum will demonstrate just how far we have come in communications.

Begin Your Experience

You can begin your experience by touring this website.  The quickest way is to utilized the index to the right of this page. Although not extensive, it provides a quick topical look at the website major elements.

You  can begin your experience by enjoying a virtual tour on this web site.  But, don’t stop there. 

Museum Visitation Options

Next, plan a visit, perhaps attend one of our events. A whole section of the menu system lists the options, whether you are an avid radio amateur or merely a curious site visitor and wish to learn more about the Antique Wireless Museum’s activities.

We hope you will plan a visit to the Museum in the near future. 

Become A Member

If you find any of the site’s information of interest, consider joining AWA as a member. There are many member options. Also, please consider becoming a member of the Museum Staff.