AWA Museum HAM Shack

Presented below are design and construction information regarding the HAM Shack being added to the side of the AWA Museum.

Design Plan

Below is a diagram of the HAM Shack being added to the eastern side of the Museum display facility.

Construction Photos

Below are a series of photo galleries showing construction progress. Check back periodically to monitor the facilities creation. Newest Photo sets at the top of the dated sets.

Photo Update – September 13, 2022

The AWA Museum’s Hamshack addition is complete, so now it’s time to furnish it. Some of the real boat anchors, like the James Millen Station and the BC-610 will require movers to get them relocated from the Gauss Road building over to the museum, while other, lighter weight pieces can be moved by the Tuesday crew. Antennas will be nice. A zoning variance along with the combining of two separate properties into one deed will be needed before we can install our crank-up, tilt over tower, so Brad Mitchell, N8YG, Rich Place, WB2JLR, Pete Schuch, WB2UAQ and Steve Sykes, KD2OM built a fan dipole today to get the ball rolling.

Photo Update – July 6, 2022

Photo Update – May 22, 2022

Photo Update – June 9, 2022

After postponing the groundbreaking of the Museum’s ham shack addition in order to accommodate a design change, our contractor broke ground this week, formed up the footers and concrete is being poured now.