Linc Cundall CW Event Results

Report on the AWA 2024 Linc Cundall Memorial CW & AM Event

By Steve Fetter, WA8UEG

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I would like to thank all who participated in the 2024 Linc Cundall Memorial event. We had about the same participation as last year.  Hopefully, we can pull some of the BK participants in next year’s event as their equipment can be used for The L.C. Event.

We also had a number of participants over 200 points! I was the high score this year and will receive the beautiful plaque at this year’s AWA conference. Next year, while I plan on participating as much as possible, I am not accepting any plaque for any events except for the BK event since it is the only one I have not finished 1st in.

W1ZB (last year’s winner) was very close to me as well as KB0HXL, W1TS, N4JGV & W8PU. The only station that had contacts on all bands, plus contacts on both CW & AM was KB0ROB & KB0HXL. I also must include John N2BE who had a great score using QRPP again this year.  John’s miles per watt and score were truly outstanding!

We only had 4 AM contacts down from 11 last year. Total contacts made this year was down a bit and I believe it was mostly due to poor band condition’s, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. 

20 meters did not pick up as I hoped, but I will be spending most of my time on 20 CW next year. The suggested times are 18:00Z (2PM EST) & 20:00Z (4PM EST) and the suggested frequencies are 14036 CW & 14295 AM + or – QRM  (Thursday afternoon & Sunday Afternoon). Let’s have a lot of contacts from our friends out West during the next LC Event. 

I look forward to working everyone in the next AWA event.


Steve WA8UEG