2020 Linc Cundall CW Contest Results

Report on the AWA 2021 Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest

By Tim Walker, W1GIG 

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Here we go with our report on the Linc Cundall.  Yes, I moved to a condo, and no I am still voiceless on the radio.  I have made some progress however, with getting on the air and finding out where I stuffed everything when I packed it 2 years ago. 

I have put the scores on the sheet and can report the following.  We received 33 logs from the participants and only had to correct a few and most of them improved the scores so you should be happy with the extra points.  Good job, guys! 

I did find a host of new ways to scan and send in your logs.  The best way for these tired old eyes is to scan them and make them a jpeg attachment to an email as they print better that way. Same goes for the photos.

Most folks said that they were reasonably happy with the conditions and the scores showed it.  I received eight logs with over 300 points each. The winner was the one who has an enviable collection of First and 2nd Places, John Bogath of Sandystone NJ.  John turned in a score of 585 points!  Amazing, 3 full pages of 9 point contacts because he was handicapped by using a receiver that only got 3 points, (not OT).  He used a newly restored Stancor 60P vintage transmitter that he’d just finished and wrote it up with photos for the soapbox section on the AWA website.  Seven more OP’s scored over 300.  They were: W1TS, 432; N8YE, 396; K9VKY, 393; W8PU, 360; WA8UEG, 336; KB0HXL, 330 and K1KK, 319.  There were lots of OP’s using military hardware, how many can post in their logs a BC-375 from a B-17 Bomber? 

Thank you all for your personal comments about my job as event coordinator for the Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest.  I have enjoyed it and I will miss the friendship that goes with it.  Yes I am retiring with this contest and blaming it on my advancing age and the slowing down that goes with it. It takes me way too long to do stuff and there are just too many things that need to be done and not enough time to do a good job of them.  Maybe I will have the time to get my toys on the air and make some contacts in our events.  I will try.

Comments from Joe -W3GMS, AWA “On Air” coordinator:

I want to thank Tim for all the years he has spent, first serving as AWA “On Air” coordinator and later serving as the event coordinator of the Linc Cundall event. 

When Tim asked me to take over his prior position as “On Air” coordinator, I accepted.  Tim, on that acceptance you owe me at least a cup of coffee, since that was my pivotal point in getting involved in many of the AWA leadership tasks!  During the transition to me, Tim was a great mentor. He made the transition as good as it could have been and for that, I am grateful.

Lastly, wishing Tim all the best life has to offer and make it a priority to get back on the air!