Event Details for Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest

By Tim Walker, W1GIG

Here we go with our second major event, The Linc Cundall Contest.  Linc (W2LC) was one of the three founders of the AWA.  This contest was named for him by Bruce Kelly.  As time went by, a number of adjustments have been made to the scoring.  The age of equipment qualifying for the highest point level was raised in 1990 to make WWII equipment qualify.  Power levels were changed to even the score between the contestants and the location premium disappeared. This year we have expanded the scoring explanation as I am running out of time to re-score many entries.

This contest is designed to favor those using low power equipment designed or constructed before 1950.  All radio amateurs may participate and submit logs and all are eligible for an award.  Stations must submit logs to be eligible for an award and are encouraged to send shack photos showing their vintage station.  High resolution .JPEG files sent via E-mail are accepted.  A handsome plaque will be awarded to the winner.  Get that WW II surplus on the air!  You may use as many equipment combinations as you like, but please indicate in your log when you change as it will probably change the point count for your contacts.  Remember that it is still only one contact per band per station worked, based on popular demand.

Dates: Wednesday January 06, 2021 @ 2300 GMT to Thursday January 07, 2021 @ 2300 GMT and Saturday January 09 2021 @ 2300 GMT to Sunday January 10, 2021 @ 2300 GMT

Bands:  160, 80 and 40 Meters

Objective: Contact the greatest number of AWA members or participating stations using your 1950 or older gear.  Frequencies: 1800-1820, 3550–3580, 7100-7125 kHz,  +/- QRM Concentrate 160 meter contacts on the hour.  Yes, the 80 and 40M frequencies are in the novice band so old geezers like me can keep up. This will also help those that want to use their BK gear in the contest.  When calling use “AWA AWA de W1GIG” for example. On contact, exchange signal reports, the year of your equipment such as “TX36” for a 1936 transmitter and “RX 34” for a 1934 receiver.  Send “MOD” for modern gear (after 1950).  Finally, send your Input Power such as “10W,” and your name and State (or Province or Country).  High scorers should send in full details on equipment and station photos for publication.

Scoring: NOTE!  that this applies only to your station, (what you enter on your log  i.e. what you are using even if it is a BC-375 or a BC-610).  Don’t worry about the other guy, that’s his responsibility.  Please also remember that we are talking about the following rough groups of equipment:  1. WW II surplus receivers and xmtrs.,  2.  Civilian equipment that was introduced before Jan. 01, 1950, (updates to those products also qualify, even if they were introduced recently).  3. Owner constructed, or other “Home Brew” equipment designed from QST, 73, or any other period publication or source of the period ending with the 50’s.  Construction of this equipment should follow the design as closely as possible and use parts from the period, if possible.  Note, 1929 transmitters and regenerative receivers from the BK event are welcome.

Equipment Multipliers:  MOD TX and RX, 1 point,  OT TX or RX, 2 points,  OT TX and RX, 3 pts.

Power Multiplier:  0–25 Watts Input 4 pts., 25-75 Watts Input 3 pts., 75–150 Watts Input 2 pts.
QRO, Over  150 Watts Input 1 point.

Thus, your points per contact can range from 12 (OT RX and TX with 20 watts in) or only 1 point (If you are Mod/Mod at 200 Watts).  Simple, right!

Logs: Please submit a log even if you only have a handful of contacts.  If you are working a non-member, please be courteous and help them with the scoring if they show interest.  We need more participants and the best way is by being helpful.  Log sheets are available on the website or from yours truly if you don’t have email.  We need them by the first week in February in order to meet the deadline for the Journal. 

Send your logs to me at the following address Tim Walker W1GIG, 309 Harvest Commons, Westport, CT 06880 or email at W1GIG [at] att.net

Sorry, didn’t make it last year, I was moving!  Still hope I’ll be there this year.

C U on the LC,