MATT Code Practice Kit

AWA’s Morse Assistive Technology Trainer (MATT) is a new STEM teaching tool that comes as a hands-on kit.  It can be used to teach basic electronics, the science of waves, Morse Code, and assistive communications technologies among other STEM topics.  It consists of high-quality components, it’s low cost, it’s easy to assemble, and it’s appropriate for classroom studies from ages 8-18. 

MATT Kit Item #1 is being offered in the AWA Store for $19.00 including shipping to a US address. If you wish an AWA Member discount or require shipping to a Non-US address, please request a quote using the form at the bottom of this page. To make your purchase proceed to the AWA Store here.

To simplify assembly, the speaker comes pre-soldered to the Printed Circuit Board, or PCB, no soldering is required by the builder. The kit uses screws for connecting components to the PCB for ease of assembly.  Carefully follow and read all instructions before starting to assemble the kit.

MATT Fully Assembled

The instructions for the kit are linked below.  If you still need help with MATT,  please email

The kit includes the following parts (builder supplies the battery):

  • (1)  Wood Base         
  • (1)  PCB with Speaker  
  • (1)  Key Arm           
  • (1)  Battery Connector 
  • (1)  Battery Clip      
  • (2)  Resistors 220 ohm (Red, Red, Brown, Gold) (R1, R5)   
  • (2)  Resistors 10K ohm (Brown, Black, Orange, Gold) (R2, R3)
  • (1)  Resistor 82 ohm (Grey, Red, Black, Gold) (R4)      
  • (2)  Capacitors 0.1uF (C1, C2)  
  • (2)  Transistors 2N2222 (Q1, Q2)       
  • (2)  8-32 spacer nuts for under the key arm            
  • (2)  Screws #4 X 1/2” long         
  • (16) Screws #6 x 1/2” long
  • (2)  Screws #6 x 3/4” long         
  • (19) #6 Washers        

A 9-volt battery is required and not included in the kit.

For assembly, it is recommended that you have the following tools:

Small Wire Cutters
#1 Phillips Screwdriver
#2 Phillips Screwdriver
Small Needle Nose Pliers

Below are the documents designed to detail the MATT’s components and construction.

Click on the button to the right to review/print the MATT’s assembly instructions.

Click on the button to the right to review/print the MATT’s Parts List.

Click on the button to the right to review/print the MATT’s recommended assembly tools list.

Click on the button to the right to view a YouTube tutorial on assembling the MATT.

Ordering Options

You can order a MATT with US Postage on-line in the AWA Store here. To request an AWA Membership discount or shipping information for Non-US shipping, utilize the form below. Be sure to specify the Kit Item # and the quantity in your request.

Make sure you specify the Kit Item # and the number of the boards desired.