AWA Journal Selected Archives

Archive of selected AWA Journal articles, mostly published as part of the Old Timers Bulletin (OTB)

Each item below is composed to two line. The first is the article with author indicated, while the second line (in italics) is a “topical” look at the articles topic.

Building a 1929 Style Hartley Transmitter  by Scott M. Freeberg, WA9WFA

Need a transmitter for our 1929 QSO Party? Build it in one week-end!

Herbert Metcalf and the Magnavox Type A Tube  by P.A. Kinzie

A Short-Lived Scheme to Circumvent deForest

Television  by Richard Brewster

Five-Inch Sets of 1939

Television Reception in the 1950s: A Coming of Age  by Ronald R. Thomas

When a Dipole Antenna on Your Roof Was a Status Symbol

Breadboarding  by Richard A. Parks

More Adventures With Transistors

Restoring an AR-1375 Radiola Concert Receiver  by Eric P. Wenaas

Undoing a Factory Mod to Recreate A Classic

• A 1920s Style Colpitts Broadcast Receiver   by Mike Bittner

Made From Junkbox Parts, It Has A Handsome Period Look

Breadboarding  by Richard A. Parks

Extreme Breadboarding; The Work of Claude Paillard

The Mallory Bias Cell   By Jim Cook, W0OXX

A Short-Lived Replacement for Cathode Bias in First Audio Stages

The Vacuum Tube  by Ludwell A. Sibley

Tube Bases and the Asbestos Hustle

Marconi and the Telegraph Companies   By Ivor Hughes

A Visit to a Historic Site Resurrects the Clash Between Wired and Wireless Interests

Equipment Restoration  by Ken Owens

Rust Removal–Minimizing Soldering Residue–Replacing a 262 kHz I.F. Transformer

•A Powerizer Mystery  by Dick Parks

Did it Convert Selected AK Battery Sets to A.C. Operation?

• Television  by Richard Brewster

The 2007 Early Television Convention

The 1896 Magnetic Detector of Lord Ernest Rutherford  by Robert P. Murray

Constructing a Replica of a Classic Experiment

Breadboarding  by Richard A. Parks

D Cell Power Revisited

Maclite Radio  by Merrill Bancroft

Personal Papers Track the Demise of a Little-Known Radio Manufacturer

The Vacuum Tube  by Ludwell A. Sibley

Far-Away Tubes With Strange-Sounding Names

Breadboarding  by Richard A. Parks

D Cell Power

Restoring an Atwater Kent Model 84  by Al Smith

It Looked Great, But Then Some Pesky Problems Turned Up

Restoration of Shellac Finishes on Older Radios  by Lane Upton

Don’t Strip That Old Finish–Save it Instead

A Journey to the Birthplace of Trans Atlantic Communication by Ivor Hughes

The Author’s Pilgrimage to Some Fabled Cable and Wireless

A Structured Approach to Fixing Up Those Nice Old Radios by Bill Fizette, W2DGB

Preserving The Clough Brengle Model 87 Transmitter

Part 2—The Restoration by Ron Lawrence, KC4YOY

Alignment and Neutralization of the Early AC TRF & Neutrodyne Receivers   by Lane S. Upton

A Methodical Approach to a Much-Misunderstood Procedure

Equipment Restoration by Ken Owens

Odd Fuse Strategy – Crosley Book Condenser Adjustment – Useful Jeweler’s Tools

Report From Radio Central  by Ralph Williams with Marshall Etter, Bob McGraw and Chris Bacon

We Continue the Story of RCA’s Communication Branch–An Antique Radio Gazette Reprint.

The Vacuum Tube by Ludwell A. Sibley

Celebration of Tube Brands

Amateur Radio in the 1950s: Romance and Reality by Ronald R. Thomas

A nostalgia trip for the old-timer; an eye-opener for the newbie.

The Communications Receiver by William Fizette, W2DGB

A Depression-Era Receiver For The Beginning Amateur

The Beginnings of Radio Central by Ralph Williams with Marshall Etter, Bob McGraw and Chris Bacon

Ever wonder exactly how RCA got started?–An Antique Radio Gazette reprint.

Key and Telegraph by John Casale, W2NI

Centennial of the Martin Vibroplex

Station SAQ Makes UNESCO World Heritage List by Bengt Svensson

The Last 200 kW Alexanderson Alternator is Lovingly Preserved

Television by Richard Brewster

The Original Television Girl

A Christmas Trip to Cortlandt Street by Mel Comer

Visiting “Radio Mecca” in the early 1920s–An Antique Radio Gazette Reprint.

Television by Richard Brewster

Columbia is Telecasting

Two Rich Minds-One Poor Invention by William E. Denk, W3IGU

Pupin and Armstrong lay an egg–An Antique Radio Gazette reprint.

Equipment Restoration by Ken Owens

A Solid-State Filter Choke or Field Coil Replacement

Experiences in Early Broadcasting  by Al Smith (Silent Key)

A decades-long career in broadcast engineering began with 1920s “3-dialers.”

Breadboarding  by Richard A. Parks

Working With Crystal Control: A “Part 15” Broadcast Band Transmitter

Television  by Richard Brewster

The Philco Mystery Control: Forerunner of the TV Wireless Remote

Designing a DX Crystal Set by Mike tuggle

Careful Engineering Pulls in Stations Half a World Away

Television  by Richard Brewster

Early Chicago Television by William N. Parker

Substitutes for the WD11 by D.K. Owens

Some Practical Replacement Strategies for this Very Scarce Tube

The Communications Receiver  by William Fizette, W2DGB

The 1945 Hammarlund HQ-129X By Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

Did Marconi Receive Transatlantic Radio Signals in 1901? – Part 1  by Henry M. Bradford

If he did, it might not have been on the wavelength he thought

Did Marconi Receive Transatlantic Radio Signals in 1901?–Part 2  by Henry M. Bradford

If he did, it might not have been on the wavelength he thought

A Structured Approach to Fixing Up Those Nice Old Radios by Bill Fizette, W2DGB

Repairing a Depression-Era Economy Radio Receiver

Oliver Lodge: Almost the Father of Radio by James P. Rybak, W0KSD

He Had His Eye on the Science, but not on Securing His Fame

Key and Telegraph by John Casale, W2NI

Horace G. Martin–Part One: The Telegrapher

The First Wireless Time Signals to Ships at Sea

The Dominion of Canada Ushers in a New Era of Marine Navigation

An Unusual Artifact from the Tidewater Wireless Telegraph Company

Amazing What One Can Learn From an Advertising Blotter

A 1929 Amateur Radio Station for the New Millenium

Part 2 – A Final Amplifier for the 1929 Hartley

A Historical Review of Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Power Generators

Below 535 Column, Feb, 2002

On The Air From The USS Albacore’s Radio Room

Rehabbing the communications gear of a 1950s high-tech sub.

The Vacuum Tube

The Acorn Tube

Equipment Restoration

Plug-in forms; Doctoring a 1R5; Replacing Resistor Line Cords

Putting the Navy OS-8 to Work

Modifying a handy surplus scope for continuous duty.

The Vail Register

Alfred Vail’s Telegraph Register.

The Rejuvenation of Vacuum Tubes

By popular demand–a reprint of an old classic.

Radio As It Used To Be by Paul Bolander, W3VVS

Paul shares boyhood memories from the 1920s and 1930s.

Dr. Ralph “Doc” Muchow 1917-2000 by Art Bilski

The famed museum is dark, but “The Doctor” won’t ever be forgotten.