Communications Events from the Past

This portion of this website is design to expand and grow as historical events form the past of communications history are created.

How and who will create them? Anyone can. The process is simple.

Make Your Event Nomination

First, identify an event of past communications history. Which ones quality? From the AWA Mission statement events that identify “… historical significance to the technology of communications and entertainment”, so any event that fits is a candidate.

Second, draft a short document telling the story of the event (one to two type written pages with at least one illustration or photo) using either Microsoft Word or PDF file format. Make sure a specific date is included. (Often significant events are the disputed since they were an evolution. Make sure you include why the specific date you selected is of significance.)

Third, utilize the Website Administrator’s Contact form to communicate your selection. The form contains a field into which to drag your submission file. (Do not expect it to appear in exactly the format you submit, since it will be posted so it can see seen by search engines. If possible, credit the photo or illustration sources. Indicate if you do not wish to be credited with your name.) Expect it to take a week for the item to be posted.

An example of a submission is available here.

Events Posted

As time permits a directory and viewing capability will be built. Currently, here are some submissions that have been received.

Communications Event – December 22, 1920

Communications Event – December 11, 1921

Communications Event – December 11, 2022