AWA Gift Memberships

Let’s Grow AWA Together! And, Have Some Fun!

If You Believe in AWA… Accept the Challenge!

  • Thoughtful gift for a friend, that’s heard about AWA from you.
  • Encouraging gift for your friend to share the fun, fellowship and learning offered by AWA.
  • A fun gift to spark their interest in communication history.
  • A meaningful gift for a young person to spark their interest in electronics and technology.

If you believe in AWA…..Give a Gift…or two…or more! As a current AWA member, you may purchase as many gift memberships as you like. Gift Recipients must not have held AWA membership during the past three years. Gift rates are good for their first year of membership only.

These Gift Memberships may only be purchased by current AWA members. Current AWA Members may choose from two different types of Gifts, both good for the new member’s first year of membership (you may order as many of each type as you would like):

  • $30 – new member receives four quarterly AWA Journals and one annual AWA Review mailed to their home
  • $20 – new member has read only, on-line access to the four quarterly AWA Journals and annual AWA Review

Be sure to include your name and address. AWA will send a gift card, welcoming letter and new member information to each gift recipient. Questions? Email Dean [at]

To Order:

For current AWA members, below are two options to either order your gift memberships by US Mail or On-Line.

US Mail Option

To purchase gift memberships by US Mail, click on the button to the right. That will provide a form to printout. Complete the order information and mail with a check to the address on the form.

On-Line Option

To purchase gift memberships on-line, there are two steps.

First, fill-out the form in Step 1, one for each gift membership purchased; and second in Step 2, make your purchase On-Line for as many gift memberships as you filled out forms.

     – New Membership with US Mail publication @$30 each

     – New Membership with on-line access @ $20 each

Step 1 – Fill out and submit the Gift Membership form below for each new member. As noted, don’t forget to click on the SUBMIT button as the last item on the form below.

Step 2 – To make the On-Line payment using the button below, select the appropriate types and numbers of memberships, based upon which type of Gift Membership(s) you are giving.

Us the button to the right to make an On-Line purchase of Gift Memberships, the page provides to select either or alternately one or more from each type of gift membership.