Fall 2023 Homeschool Radio Fab Lab

Hands-on Workshops

FIVE STEM workshops of making and exploring…for ages 9 – 16

October 12, 2023: Introduction to Electronics and Building Basic Circuits

  • An introduction to electricity, circuit components, Ohm’s Law, and measurements using a digital multi-meter provided to students in their tool kits for them to take home
  • Tour the Museum and learn about 200 years of communication technologies

October 19, 2023: Telegraph, Morse Code & Build a Code Practice Oscillator

  • Learn the history of the telegraph and learn Morse Code
  • Build an electronic circuit to send Morse Code – a Code Practice Oscillator and take it home

October 26, 2023: Catch the Waves and Communications in an Emergency (EARS)

  • Learn about the amazing properties of waves, how to make them, measure them, and use them to communicate information.
  • Communications in Emergency – Amateur Radio

November 2, 2023: Build a Crystal Transmitter Using a Transistor

  • Learn about transistors and the basics of radio transmitters
  • Build and test a crystal transmitter and listen to your signal at the Museum

November 9, 2023: Build a Photon Transmitter and Receiver

  • Build a photon transmitter & receiver that sends & receives light waves encoded with music & voice
  • Learn about light emitting diodes (LEDs) and apply knowledge of amplitude modulation
  • Work with a laser measurement system. Light can be used to measure tiny objects like individual molecules and living cells. Light is “tiny” and can be used to “see” things that radio waves can’t.

COST: $125

Workshops are held 9:30am-11:30am at AWA Museum, 6925 Routes 5/20, Bloomfield, NY

Younger registrants needing assistance, adult attendance is required.

Send questions to RFL@AntiqueWireless.org