AWA Facilities

The Antique Wireless Association operates a four building campus in Bloomfield, NY. The complete campus description is available on the Campus and Facilities page of this website. It can be found using the button to the right.

The following is a summary of the facilities found in the AWA Museum building along with other capabilities of general interest to the general public as well as historians.

To take a virtual tour of the museum’s artifacts, click on the button to the right.

Museum Building Features

Entry – The most visible part of the building is the entry doors with the Museum logo sign on the front of the building

Reception – As you enter the Museum, you are greeted at the reception desk.

The front portion of the Museum consists of a series of focused displays of equipment, each focused on a specific period of history or technology such as technology pioneers, cellular telephones, early wireless equipment, television and amateur equipment (as displayed to the left).

A number of the displays include a working device. As shown to the right is a working Western Union telegraph office which includes equipment donated from the Western Union Museum.

Radio after World War II included the United State’s Voice of America extensive broadcasting capabilities. On display at the AWA Museum is the control room and 250,000 watt transmitters from the Delano, CA VOA station.

The AWA Museum’s collection of radio receivers is too extensive to display them all, however, a number of shelve displays include many illustrative examples of this type of equipment from console to transistor models.

To provide the “feeling” of an era, the display to the left represents an radio store one might have visited in the early to mid-1920s.