Details For John Rollins Memorial

The 2024 CW/AM DX Event Details

By Gary Poland, W8PU

The John Rollins Memorial DX event is the third in a series of AWA sponsored “On Air” events. This event was officially renamed in 2009 to honor John W1FPZ (SK) and his many outstanding contributions to the AWA over the years. Like all “On Air” events it is open to everyone, members and non-members.

Please note that there have been a few changes to the rules concerning scoring. The important thing to remember is that your score is based solely on the equipment you are using at your QTH, not what the station you are working is using.

Event Details

Dates: Wednesday March 13 @ 2300 GMT to Thursday March 14 @ 2300 GMT and

            Saturday March 16 @ 2300 GMT to Sunday March 17 @ 2300 GMT    

Bands: 80, 40 and 20 Meters ​

Objective: Contact the greatest number of participating stations using pre 1970 tube gear. When calling use “AWA AWA de N2BE” for CW or “CQ AWA John Rollins from W3GMS” for AM.

Power: Output power levels are limited to 100 Watts for CW and 100 watts carrier level for AM. Since there is no power multiplier in scoring, run the necessary power, not to exceed 100 watts, to make contacts for the given band conditions.

Equipment: Any transmitter and receiver manufactured before 1970 qualifies for scoring. Any homebrew gear using tubes that were available before 1970 also qualifies.

Exchange: The other stations information will not affect your score. Points are based on your station equipment. Simply exchange the other person’s call sign, their RST, your TX and RX manufacture dates, and your name and state.


MOD (1970 and after) TX and RX = 1 point

OT TX (pre-1970) and Modern RX (1970 and after) = 2 points

OT TX and RX (both pre-1970) = 3 points

Frequencies and Times:

Suggested frequencies for CW are 3550 – 3570, 7100 – 7125, and 14030 – 14050.

Suggested frequencies for AM are 3705, 3837, 3885, 7285 – 7295, 14286 and 14330. These are only suggestions, and you can make a contact anywhere on the band where that mode is permitted.

Because the John Rollins event is held in March with springtime propagation conditions, stations are encouraged to use 80 meters for late afternoon and evening contacts. Use 40 meters for daytime contacts, and use 20 meters for afternoon contacts. This will help stations to find other stations participating in the event. You can use the AWA message board to post messages letting others know when you will be operating or arrange skeds.


Please submit a log even if you only make a handful of contacts. Also send in full details on equipment and station photos for publication. If you are called by a someone not participating in the contest, please be courteous and guide them to the AWA website for event information. We need more participants and the best way is by being helpful.

Log sheets are available on this website. We need your logs by April 1 in order to meet the deadline for the Journal. Please send your logs electronically, if possible, to: gpoland1{a}

If mailing printed logs, send them to Gary Poland – W8PU, 3347 S.R. 28 Midland, OH 45148