Educational Classes

The AWA Museum is offering several types of educational classes including those focused on young people while others aimed at the adult audience. Below is a summary of the offerings. Specific items for each of these audiences can be found as sub-menu items of this page.

For the Student

As part of AWA’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives to introduce and engage students in the STEM related studies, AWA offers a series of hands-on course sessions specifically tailored to that audience.

Weekend Classes
Educational Classes

Classes are structured to introduce students to many aspects of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics in a fun, participative classroom environment. Classes are offered on Thursday or Saturdays to fit your schedules.

Weekday offerings occur for the home-schooled student, while Saturday morning offerings are for those attending a regular school experience.

The Program also includes Museum tours designed to educate and entertain participants in the history of these and many other electronic devices.

For the Adult

Learn It, Build It, Fix It (LIBIFI) Classes are opportunities for adults to learn about vacuum tube technology while building and/or repairing their equipment.  For over half a decade, the AWA Educational Institute has been the premier source of hands-on technical education designed for Do It Yourself (DIY) electronics enthusiasts. 

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