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The Antique Wireless Association is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization chartered under the New York State Board of Regents. All donation go to support the Museum’s preservation and educational efforts.

Donation – Antique Wireless Museum

The capabilities of the Antique Wireless Museum are being expanded and improved as donations provide the funds to support these efforts. As part of the long-range plan for the facilities is a theatre facility in which presentations can be made and evening programs presented.

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Donate – AWA Ham Shack

Phase III of the Antique Wireless Museum will build a 1920 square foot addition on the east side of the Museum building to house amateur radio exhibits, multiple working ham radio stations, and office/working space for the Registrar’s volunteer group.

The proposed development will provide:

  • A major new exhibit hall dedicated to amateur radio for the touring museum visitors.
    • The exhibit space will feature fully functional equipment from significant decades of amateur radio as well as static displays.
    • Our plan is to create multiple operating ham stations to be made available to licensed amateurs such as is done at ARRL’s W1AW.
    • Museum Technical Staff is already at work restoring equipment to be used.
  • Space to put James Millen’s W1HRX 1930’s AM station back on the air after a long hiatus.
  • Although available as a major new exhibit for visitors, the new ham shack will have its own rest room and could be used for events/meetings/classes after hours without the Museum being open.
  • Space for the Registrar’s volunteers to process the many donations received each week. Currently, that volunteer group does not have enough space available in their location in the back of the Museum building to work efficiently.
  • As an additional bonus, transfer of the Registrar’s operation to the new addition will make additional exhibit space available in the Museum.

An addition on the east side of the Museum to house an operational Ham Shack and Registrar’s operation – When funds are available.

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