AWA Conference Auction

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Auction Policy

Your registration includes the cost of auction materials for the primary registrant. You must be registered at the Conference in order to participate in the Auction, as either a seller or a buyer.  Auction cards will be provided the morning of the Auction.  A bid is a contract under New York law.   The AWA will not allow the seller to bid on their own merchandise.  The AWA recommends that you do not allow others to use your bidding number. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHARGES. There will be a $20.00 fee for failure to pay auction charges.  Payments must be in cash or by check.

NOTE: In order to participate in any indoor activities, dinners, and the auction, you must have registered for the Conference. Your conference registration includes one auction bidder’s card. Additional auction cards are issued only upon payment of additional registrations. The AWA recommends you do not let others use your bidder number. A bid is a contract under New York law—YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHARGES. There will be a $20.00 fee for failure to pay auction charges. No Seller’s Payouts until one hour after the end of the Auction.

Auction Items

As the inventory of items to be sold by AWA at the Annual Conference Auction is developed, copies will be posted here. The list will grow as we near the event dates. Registered attendees to the Conference may enter their items (a limit of five items) into the auction on Friday afternoon. Anyone with more than five items should pre-clear their ability to sell this larger number of items (based upon the existing quantity of items) prior to the event.

The Auction items will be available about one month prior to the 2024 Conference. Below is last year’s information as reference to the general types of items to be sold.

2023 AWA Conference Auction Items

Below, when available late in the Summer, will be selected photos of equipment to be sold at the auction, followed by a list of the items.

Click on button to right to view/download PDF of the 2023 Auction item list. List may be viewed below photographs.

Kickok 539B
Kickok 533