The By-Laws of the Antique Wireless Association provides guidance regarding our Committees and their organization. Committees are designated as either Standing or Special.

Standing Committees of the Board, except as otherwise provided for by these Bylaws, each consist of at least three trustees. The Standing Committees have a Chair and Trustee members appointed by the Director from among the trustees of the Corporation, subject to the approval of the Board, to serve until the next Annual Meeting of the Board.  A vacancy of the Chair or a Trustee thus nominated and approved may be filled by the Director at his or her discretion to serve until the next Annual Meeting of the Board.

The Chair of each Standing Committee may from time-to-time as necessary and without approval of the Board appoint or replace as many additional members as necessary to accomplish the goals and responsibilities of the committee, as stated below or additional goals, responsibilities or tasks as may be assigned to the committee by the Director periodically. The Director is an ex-officio voting member of each Standing Committee. The Curator is an ex-officio voting member of each Standing Committee except for the Nominating Committee.

Standing Committees

The Corporation has the Standing Committees an Accessioning Committee, a Membership Services Committee and a Nominating Committee, as follows: 

The Accessioning Committee consists of at least two trustees plus the Curator as Chair of the Committee and the Director, ex officio. The Accessioning Committee makes all decisions regarding the collection of artifacts, equipment, documents, etc. maintained at the Museum operated by the Corporation. 

The Membership Services Committee consists of at least three trustees plus the Director, ex officio. The Membership Services Committee will sponsor periodic educational meetings and events such as the AWA Annual Convention, publish periodic educational materials such as the AWA Journal, AWA Gateway and AWA Review and CD collections, provide membership services, financial support and other similar activities in support of the goals of the Museum. 

The Nominating Committee consists of at least three trustees plus the Director, ex officio. The Nominating Committee submits to the annual membership meeting a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Trustees. In the event that any of those nominees are not approved by the members, the Nominating Committee shall propose additional candidates until the members have elected a sufficient number of trustees to succeed all incumbents whose terms of office are then expiring and to fill all other vacancies on the Board. 

Special Committees

The Board of Trustees, by resolution adopted by a majority of the entire Board, may create Special Committees which will have only the powers specifically delegated to them and in no case have powers which are not authorized for Standing Committees. The members of Special Committees are to be appointed by the Director from among the trustees of the corporation, subject to the approval of the Board. The Director, or his or her designee, and the Curator are to be ex-officio voting members of committees and may attend all meetings.