AWA Campus and Facilities

Thomas Peterson Jr. Antique Wireless Museum and Research Campus Site

Antique Wireless Association Campus

The diagram shows an overall view of the AWA’s facility site, Thomas Peterson Jr. Antique Wireless Museum and Research Campus. 

The facility, located at 6925 NY-5, Bloomfield, NY 14469, includes a 10,000 square foot display space with contains the Antique Wireless Museum (Building #1), the Dr. Max Bodmer Library (Building #2), the Technical Center (Building #3) and Conference Center (Building #4).

The work day is normally Tuesday, however, many day’s see “workers” functioning in one or  more of the buildings.  The Museum was dedicated on Tuesday, August 20, 2013.

Below is a quick look at each of the buildings on the campus.

Building #1, The Antique Wireless Museum

Below is a diagram of the design for the Antique Wireless Museum building. The auditorium/theatre facility and formal entry are yet to be completed. Missing from this diagram are the operating telegraph office, the Voice of America radio console and an amateur radio facility, the next planned change to the facility.

Building #2, The Dr. Max Bodmer Library

Located behind Building #1, the building includes a top level library and lower level document storage capability. Pictured below are photos taken the day Dr. Bodmer cut ribbon on the formal opening of the facility.

Dr. Max Bodmer

Ribbon Cutting

Building #3 – Technical Center

The facility provide significant storage and staging space for the equipment collection as well as spaces for the repair of artifacts and the development of displays.  The Technical Center Building is located the rear of our new facility.  Accessible using Goss Road (which runs parallel with Routes 5 and 20, it provides storage and repair facilities for our equipment collections.

Building #4 – Conference Center and Storage Facility

Located across the street from the other three building, the facility includes an office/conference area as well as a large space for storage.