Bruce Kelley Memorial 1929 QSO Party Results

By Dave Parker, WB7WHG

Bruce Kelley AWA Event Coordinator

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The 39th annual Bruce Kelley Memorial 1929 QSO Party for 2022 was held on the second and third weekends of November with 44 stations submitting logs. We again had a very busy 40M lower band segment on the second weekend, so for 2023 we will try using the 40M higher band segment the first weekend and the lower 40M segment the second weekend.

This year’s winners of the AWA Bruce Kelley Plaques are Mike – KB0HXL from MN and Steve – N8YE from OH, both with 55 1929 contacts!

This year we had some of our most experienced 1929 operators agreeing to graduate to Emeritus status. This means that they have offered to step aside from the scoring side of things in order to make room for others to potentially win. Harold – KB0ROB was actually the first a few years back and N2BE John offered to join him this year. Thanks guys!

The TOP FIVE BK stations this year are KB0HXL, N8YE, WK3A, W8PU, and AJ8S with W1ZB (another tie!). KB0ROB held down the fort, operating as our W2ICE Special Event Station – Thanks Harold!

We’ve had another good turnout for the Miles-Per-Watt competition. This year’s MPW winner is N2BE, who had a 2429-mile QSO, at 9 Watts Input, with VE7SL, for 243 MPW, on 40 and 20 Meters. The top five MPW entries are N2BE, AJ8S, N8YE, KK7UV, and K2YWE.

I’d like to thank those of you who filled in and emailed AWA Log Forms (25). We also received more email PDF logs this year (19) – all this helps a lot. The US Mail was quite slow this year. I had to inquire about several log questions this year – please review the rules for next year.

Steve – WA3JJT again used his National SW-3 Regen receiver along with Bill KA1QYP, who made 15 contacts with a 1926 1-Tube Regen, using an O1A.

This year we had 636 contacts logged on 80M, 324 on 40M, 16 on 160M, and 39 on 20M, for a total of 1015 QSO’s. That’s pretty close to last year.  Thanks to all who participated and we’ll be looking for you on November 11-13, and 18-20, 2023!