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The AWA YouTube channel contains a number of AWA Museum high light items including artifacts, member radio equipment activities and details on specific sections of the museum.

The AWA YouTube Channel has a group of video tours, demonstrations of artifacts and communication technology info.

Randy Hall, K7AGE, operates a YouTube channel with many amateur radio videos, including two AWA Museum tour videos, which can be viewed using the buttons to the right.

The Latest on the AWA YouTube Channel

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Below are some specific examples of the many videos available on the AWA YouTube Channel.

Red Hot Technology! – Vacuum Tubes Explained

Let’s face it, vacuum tubes are just plain seductive in a way that transistors can never be. That warm glow, the lethal voltages, it all seems like magic. Join Greg Latta, AA8V, as he takes a deep dive into vacuum tube technology and history, following the electrons on their space flight from cathode to plate, and explains what the heck is going on with all those grids.

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Voice of Victory – The BC-610 Story

In the early 1940s when the U.S. military sought a high-powered mobile radio transmitter, there was no time to reinvent the wheel, so the Hallicrafters HT-4 amateur transmitter was chosen as the basis for the BC-610, the transmitter in the SCR-299 “mobile communications unit”.  In 1944, this film was produced by the Jam Handy Organization and sponsored by the Hallicrafters Company detailing how the HT-4 transmitter was adapted for military service and dramatizing its use by the U.S. military during World War II.

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A Very Gernsback Christmas with Felicia Kreuzer

Join historian Felicia Kreuzer an she takes a journey through the unconventional endeavors of Hugo Gernsback.

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Philadelphia Communications Connections

Mike Migliaccio, N3HLM, knows the electronic communications history of Philadelphia as only a Philadelphia native can. This presentation from the Antique Wireless Association 2021 conference, covers Philly’s communications history from 1922 forward, and covers radio, television and manufacturing.

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Restoring a Johnson Viking Ranger

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to restore your old boat anchor ham transmitter, but you’re unsure where to begin? Join Greg Latta, AA8V, as he shows how to correct the ravages of time and mice in a Johnson Viking Ranger AM-CW transmitter without killing yourself in the process.

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Radio Teletypewriter Set AN/GRC-46 -1963 US Army Film

The AN/GRC-46 series was a tactical, transportable, Radio Teletype (RATT) station, designed to be mounted on the M-37 series 3/4-ton truck. The AN/GRC-46 series was initially fielded in 1958 and was used up into the 1980s. Army Reserve and National Guard units used them into the 1990s.

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What You Need To Know About Transmission Lines and SWR

Although a transmission line is only two parallel conductors, it has seemingly mysterious properties, like impedance and velocity factor, and certain lengths of transmission line can make it nearly impossible to see a low SWR in the shack from your resonant antenna. On top of that, much of the available information on the subject is just plain wrong. So, what’s really going on? Physicist, professor, and PhD, Greg Latta, AA8V explains these mysteries in what might be the best presentation on transmission lines and standing wave ratio ever.

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