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Examples of Merchandise

Below are some of the merchandise available in the AWA Museum Store.

Art Collins DVD

This 24 minute documentary, two years in the making, provides a unique insight into Arthur Collins, founder of Collins Radio, emphasizing the remarkable culture of innovation he created at Collins Radio.  The Collins culture of excellence in innovation stemmed from a challenging work environment, attracting aspiring engineers who sought not the highest salary but rather the opportunity to make dramatic advances in state-of-the-art electronics.

“It is a story of vision, innovation, and leadership in the technology arena that will inspire anyone interested in the historical technical events that helped shape our world today.”  – Rod Blocksome, President, Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association.

Ironically, for an expert in communication, Arthur Collins was a shy person outside his immediate cadre of engineers and close friends, and avoided personal publicity.  The documentary contains collected interviews from those who knew and worked with Arthur Collins.  Their open and candid remarks are spiced with fascinating stories of his prescient vision into future technology, his breath of expertise, and his extraordinary ability to absorb knowledge.

At Collins Radio, Collins and his core of select engineers designed and over the many decades, built what came to be recognized as the pinnacle of achievement in electronics; spanning avionics, amateur radio, broadcast radio, micro-electronics, military and space communications, systems engineering, and later computer-controlled factory processes, data networks, and message switching.

“The Antique Wireless Association is pleased to have collaborated with the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association to produce this documentary on the legacy and the legend of Arthur Collins as captured in words of those who lived, worked, and knew Art and shared his passion for excellence.” – Robert Hobday, Executive Producer and Deputy Director, Antique Wireless Association

The DVD is a production of the Antique Wireless Association and the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association.  Copies of the DVD for $15 postage paid to US, elsewhere plus $5 and may be ordered using the above button to the order form.

A New Release: “History: Old Transmissions from The Past” – A DVD

By John Dilks, K2TQN

As presented at the 2016 Dayton Hamvention, this Power Point includes photos, graphics, and the actual voices of the following wireless pioneers telling their personal accounts and stories: Marconi, Jack Binns, Irving Veremila (Ham #1), Dr Lee de Forest, Hugo Gernsback, Edwin Armstrong, John Reinartz (life story), Leon Deloy (French 8AB; first transatlantic QSO), Elmo Pickerill (first airplane-to-ground QSO 1910), Art Collins, General Griswold (USAF-SAC), Clarence Tuska describing the start of QST magazine in 1915, an SOS from the passenger ship “MS Prinsendam” in 1980 and early wireless ship transmissions on 500 kc CW.

John Dilks was QST Editor of the “Vintage Radio” column for 15 years, writing over 160 columns. Thanks to John, this fascinating DVD is available from the Antique Wireless Museum Store using the above order form for $15 postage paid to US, elsewhere plus $5.

Grimeton Radio Station, Sweden – A DVD

​In 1921 the Swedish parliament decided that a radio station had to be built to make the state independent from other countries’ telegraph cables.  This was due to the increasing importance of the economy in the US and from Swedish emigrants in the US who wanted to communicate with their native country.

The radio station SAQ became part of a global network of 20 long wave transmitters operating as a network based at RCA Radio Central in New York.  All the stations were equipped with a long wave generator, also called an alternator.  The equipment was high-technology for that time and was developed by Ernst Alexanderson at General Electric.  From Grimeton the radio waves had free passage across the Atlantic Ocean using antenna towers 417 feet high.

The long wave transmitter in Grimeton was built in 1922-1924 and officially opened in 1925.  Although General Electric built 20 stations of the same or similar type, SAQ is the only remaining one of its kind in the world and remains in full working order.  Even today, messages with call sign SAQ can be received at the frequency 17.2 kHz.

The DVD richly details the history and operation of the SAQ Station and can be ordered for $15, postage paid to the US, elsewhere plus $5, through the AWA Museum Store using the order form button above. 

Logo Merchandise

The photos to the right illustrate AWA logo merchandise now available from the AWA Museum Store. 

See the ordering form at top of this page for ordering information.

  • AWA Logo T-shirt – white or dark blue; small to XL @ $15, 2XL 3XL @ $17

Special Flash Drive

The out-of-print classic, The Hallicrafters Story by Max De Henseler, HB9RS, is also back on a flash drive.  Max De Henseler was a personal friend of Hallicrafters founder Bill Halligan, and his book provides unusual insights into Halligan’s life and early struggles.  This well illustrated book has 245 pages, a nice Index and several handy lists of models and features.

Price is $15, postage paid in U.S.; elsewhere, add $5.

AWA Previous Publications are available on Flash Drives

AWA Review, Volume 12 on flash drive:

The most popular AWA Review ever produced, the Atwater Kent Story, written by Ralph Williams and issued as AWA Review #12, is available as a flash drive.

Price is $15, postage paid in U.S.; elsewhere, add $5.

Other AWA Review Flash Drives:

Other AWA Review flash drives:

Now you can acquire these scarce out-of-print volumes for your library. Volumes 1-5, Volumes 6-10, Volumes 11, 13 & 14, Volumes 19-24, Volumes 25 – 26, Volumes 27 – 29 and Volumes 30 – 31 are available on flash drives.

Price for one CD, $25 US; any two or more $20 each, postpaid in US. Elsewhere, add $5. 


Volume 1 (Contains all issues from January, 1960 – March, 1985)

Volume 2 (Contains all issues from June, 1985 – November, 1996)

Volume 3 (Contains all issues from February, 1997 – November, 2011

Price for one volume: $36 US, postpaid in U.S.; elsewhere, add $5

Price for any two volumes: $65 US, postpaid in U.S.; elsewhere, add $5

Price for all three volumes:  $99 US, postpaid in U.S.; elsewhere, add $5


Contains every telegraph article ever published through 2004 in The Old Timer’s Bulletin (now The AWA Journal) and The AWA Review.  In addition, there are photos from the “lost” Stu Davis Museum collection, an unpublished article by Lou Moreau on military keys, and the long-awaited update of the Early Telegraph Makers list by Roger Reinke. There are three ways of browsing the content of this flash drive:  The chronological list of article titles, a subject index and an author index. Compiled and edited by Prof. Tom Perera, W1TP. 

Price is $15 postpaid in U.S.; elsewhere add $5.00.


The AWA pin’s background is dark blue cloisonné and is clutch mounted. The pin is 1″ in diameter.

Price: $6 US, elsewhere, add $3