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The AWA Review is now entering its 33rd year of publication.  This periodical provides a mechanism for AWA to publish longer articles than possible in The AWA Journal. The focus of articles in The AWA Review is on antique wireless communication and associated individuals, places, technologies, and artifacts. The articles are peer reviewed, meaning that authorities other than the author have reviewed each contribution, and their anonymous comments have been forwarded to authors during the editorial review process.

Call for Papers

​The AWA Review invites authors to submit previously unpublished papers with a focus on antique wireless communication history and associated individuals, places, technologies, and artifacts. Short articles of 4,000-5,000 words or less should be directed to The AWA Journal, which is published quarterly. Papers for the Review will be peer reviewed to verify factual content by reviewers whose identity will remain anonymous. This process gives The AWA Review credibility as a source of correct historical information. The papers will be edited to provide a degree of uniformity in style and layout among the articles. The complete paper comprising manuscript, figures, captions and author’s information must be submitted to the editor before January 1st of each year.  Papers submitted after that date will be considered but may be deferred to the following year at the discretion of the editor. Novice authors are strongly urged to submit their papers in advance of the March 1st date to allow extra time for the editor and author to collaborate on enhancement of their papers. 

The AWA Review will also publish Letters to the Editor as deemed appropriate. The letters should comment on articles published in previous issues of The AWA Review or make brief comments on wireless history as it relates to one of the articles.  Letters will not be peer reviewed but they may be edited. Text is limited to 400 words and no more than ten references. Responses to letters may be published. 

​Author submission details for The AWA Review are available here.

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Selected Articles

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