AWA Review Submission Tips

​The AWA Review invites previously unpublished papers on electronic communication history and associated artifacts with a focus on antique wireless. Papers will be peer reviewed to verify factual content by peer reviewers whose identity will remain anonymous. This process gives the AWA Review credibility as a source of correct historical information. The papers will be edited to provide uniformity in style and layout among the articles. In general, shorter articles of six to eight pages (3,000 to 4,000 words) or less should be directed toward the AWA Journal, which is published quarterly. The AWA Review is intended for longer articles on the order of 6,000–9,000 words. Longer articles may be accepted with pre-approval by the editor.

The AWA Review will also publish Letters to the Editor as deemed appropriate. Letters should comment on articles published in the previous issue of the AWA Review or make brief comments on wireless history as it relates to one of the articles. Letters will not be peer reviewed, but they may be edited. Text is limited to 400 words and no more than 10 references. The editor reserves the right to publish responses to letters.

It is strongly recommended that authors planning to prepare an article for the AWA Review send an abstract of approximately 200 words to the editor describing the subject and scope of the paper before writing the article, including an estimate of the number of words. It is never too early to submit an abstract. Space in the AWA Review is not unlimited, so it is important for both editors and authors alike to have an estimate of the expected number of articles and number of pages for each article as soon as possible. The deadline for submissions of manuscripts in the next issue is January 1, 2020. Papers will be accepted after January 1, but papers submitted and accepted for publication before January 1 will have priority in the event that there is not space for all papers submitted.

Authors with an interesting story to tell should not be discouraged by a lack of writing experience or lack of knowledge about writing styles. The AWA Review will accept manuscripts in any clearly prepared writing style. Editors will help inexperienced authors with paper organization, writing style, reference citations, and improvements in image quality. Edited manuscripts will be returned to the author along with comments from the editor and anonymous reviewers for the author’s review and comment. The manuscript will then be set in its final form and sent back for one final review by the author. Normally, only one review of the layout will be accommodated.

To summarize, please submit completed manuscripts by January 1, 2020 (or earlier if possible) in three separate files:

1)   A manuscript file without embedded figures or figure captions using Microsoft Word or other software that is compatible with Word. The manuscript should have a 200-word abstract, a main body with endnote citations and endnotes, acknowledgements, and several paragraphs summarizing the author’s back-ground. The author should also enclose a recent photograph focusing on the head and shoulders.

2)   A figure file with numbered figures that match the figure callouts, which must appear in at least one sentence of the manuscript text. Each figure file name should have a word or two descriptor related to the image in addition to the figure number.

3)   A figure caption file with a short description of each figure and an attribution identifying its source. You may use the articles in this issue as a template for the style and format of your paper. For more information, consult the AWA website at Please feel free to contact me as editor for the 2020 issue of the AWA Review for any questions.

Timothy Martin, BE, ME, PE AWA Review Editor for 2020 wb2vvq {at}

What next?

The AWA Review Style Guide is available here.