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(used to be The Old Timer’s Bulletin or OTB)

The AWA Journal is AWA’s quarterly publication mailed to dues paying members.  Its content is a mixture of columns, radio related news and feature articles on many different facets of communications history, personalities and technology. The Autumn issue features a discussion of upcoming AWA on-air events along with a review of past events; the Winter issue contains a retrospective of the AWA Annual Conference, with the Summer issue containing full details for that event.

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From the Editor Summer 2021 Issue

The Summer 2021 issue was mailed on July and should be delivered soon.

Below you will find the key information regarding the latest issue of The AWA Journal. If you wish to contact the Editor, a contact from is located at the bottom of this page.

From the Editor

Welcome to Summer, and to the pre-Conference issue of the AWA Journal! This year’s dual Conference themes will be “100 Years of Radio Broadcasting” and a continuation of “The Evolution of Amateur Radio.” Conference details and registration forms are in this issue, as well as on the AWA website. This year’s Old Equipment Contest provides many opportunities to display your vintage and homebrew Amateur gear, as well as commercial broadcasting artifacts. We also have planned a large Auction, which will include member items plus a two-year accumulation of surplus and duplicate Museum items. As a Museum volunteer, I have personally helped sort out these items, and we have some real gems waiting for your bids!

I’m pleased to introduce a new Con- tributing Editor. David Minchella, KE2GE will be taking over the “Breadboarding” column, beginning with the upcoming Autumn issue. He authored a Feature Article for the Spring 2021 AWA Journal—“The NRSQ Ultimate Regenerative Receiver.” Our current Contributing Editor, Dean Faklis, will continue to be an occasional Journal contributor, in addition to serving as the Museum’s Education Development Manager. Thanks to David and Dean for making this a smooth transition.

Speaking of “breadboarding”—if you have built one of the projects described by our authors, or one of your own design, we’d like to share your experience! Send us a write-up, preferably with a photo or two, and we will publish it in a future issue.

AWA has continued to enjoy successful “On-Air” events, with increased numbers of participants. Complete reports about the results of the AWA Linc Cundall and AM QSO Party events appear in the “Amateur Radio” section of this issue. Again, many thanks for the efforts of Joe Fell and his team of event coordinators. Check out the schedule of 2021-2022 event dates in

“Member- ship News” and mark your calendars.

1961 Emmy Award

The Museum is pleased to announce a new displayan original 1961 “Emmy” Award, presented by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and honoring the developers of the image orthicon TV camera tube and related technology. This will be discussed in greater detail in a future issue.

As noted in a “Letter to the Editor,” we are aware that there are continuing problems with the handling and distribution of mailed copies of the AWA Journal. We began using a heavier grade of paper for the mailing cover with the Winter issue, and have received far fewer reports of members receiving damaged copies, so will continue to use this cover material. If you receive a damaged Journal, or do not receive your copy, please email me at with a description of the problem, and we will send you a replacement. As described in numerous published reports, changes in mail handling and delivery ordered in June 2020 by the Postmaster General can delay delivery of publications such as the AWA Journal. Therefore, delivery of your copy may take longer than it has in the past. We are continuing to post time-sensitive material on the AWA website in addition to publishing it in the AWA Journal.

Have a great Summer, and I hope to see you in person at the Museum, and at the Conference.

— David D. Kaiser, Editor

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