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(used to be The Old Timer’s Bulletin or OTB)

The AWA Journal is AWA’s quarterly publication mailed to dues paying members.  Its content is a mixture of columns, radio related news and feature articles on many different facets of communications history, personalities and technology. The Autumn issue features a discussion of upcoming AWA on-air events along with a review of past events; the Winter issue contains a retrospective of the AWA Annual Conference, with the Summer issue containing full details for that event.

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From the Editor Spring 2021 Issue

Below you will find the key information regarding the latest issue of The AWA Journal. If you wish to contact the Editor, a contact from is located at the bottom of this page.

From the Editor

Welcome to the Spring issue of the AWA Journal! As the new season brings us increasing daylight, we can all hope to likewise emerge from the darkness of the past year. Always the optimist, I anticipate increasingly better days in 2021. AWA remains in a strong position, and is continuing many of its activities. The Museum remains open on an appointment-only basis, and I have enjoyed working with other Museum volunteers, sorting and evaluating inventory, preparing duplicate items for auction and assembling new displays. Thanks to the efforts of Joe Fell and his team of coordinators, AWA has enjoyed another successful season of “On-Air” events. A complete report of the results of the AWA Bruce Kelley contest appears in the Amateur Radio” section of this issue. If you haven’t visited it recently, check out our greatly improved and updated website, as well as The Antique Wireless Association Member’s Forum, an on-line site where AWA members can communicate with each other about their radio-related interests. More details appear in the Director’s report.

Be sure to mark your calendars with the new 2021 Conference date, October 5 to 9, 2021. This year’s dual Conference themes will be “100 Years of Radio Broadcasting” and a continuation of “The Evolution of Amateur Radio.” AWA was founded in 1952 by members of the Amateur Radio community, and “Evolution of Amateur Radio” celebrates that history. In addition to participating in activities and seminars, this is the perfect opportunity to socialize with other historians, collectors, builders and Amateurs. If you have the time, plan to spend an extra day or two enjoying other autumn attractions in Western New York and the Finger Lakes region. Conference details and registration forms will be in the next

issue of the AWA Journal, as well as on the website. After experiencing significant problems with the handling and distribution of mailed copies of the Autumn issue of the AWA Journal, we began using a heavier grade of paper for the mailing cover. To date, we do not have any reports of members receiving damaged copies of the Winter issue, so we will continue the use of this cover material. As described in numerous published reports, changes in mail handling and delivery ordered in June 2020 by the Postmaster General can delay delivery of publications such as the AWA Journal. Therefore, delivery of your copy may take longer than it has in the past. If you received a damaged Journal, or do not received your copy, please email me at awajournaleditor@ with a description of the problem, and we will send you a replacement. We also are posting time-sensitive material on the AWA website in addition to publishing it in the AWA Journal.

If you use e-mail and are not receiving AWA announcements and updates, please send an e-mail message to AWA Membership at so that we can include you.

It’s not too early to submit nominees for 2021 AWA Awards. Any AWA member may nominate an individual or organization for recognition. Please submit your nomination to the Awards Coordinator (see Page 2 of this issue) by August 1. A summary of current AWA Annual Awards Rules, as adopted by the Board of Trustees, is included in this issue, and is posted on the AWA website. A list of previous Award winners also appears on the website.

I hope to chat with some of you on-line, and to see you in person at the Museum.

— David D. Kaiser, Editor

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