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(used to be The Old Timer’s Bulletin or OTB)

The AWA Journal is AWA’s quarterly publication mailed to dues paying members.  Its content is a mixture of columns, radio related news and feature articles on many different facets of communications history, personalities and technology. The Autumn issue features a discussion of upcoming AWA on-air events along with a review of past events; the Winter issue contains a retrospective of the AWA Annual Conference, with the Summer issue containing full details for that event.

The Winter 2022-2023, Vol. 63 #1 Issue

From the Editor

An unusually mild Winter season has settled into Western New York, and AWA has been busy! Winter is a great time to work on projects, and AWA volunteers have been busy assembling operating equipment in the new Edward Gable Amateur Radio Station—see the “President” and “Curator” columns in this issue for photos and more details. I’m currently completing work on a few items I had set aside during the summer. If you’re working on an interesting project, or have questions about one, send me a note and photo, and we will gladly share it with other readers in the “Letters” department. A reader response to Dave Michella’s “Building a Tetrode Vacuum Tube Receiver” appears in this issue’s “Letters.” Beginning with this issue, Dave’s next five “Breadboarding” columns will feature an- other new project, a step-by-step diagnosis and restoration of a classic “All-American Five” (AA5) radio. Dave would be pleased to hear from anyone who has built or re- stored a device based upon one of his featured projects—or has come up with a new design. Send him a write-up, preferably with a photo or two, and we will publish it in a future Journal.

I had a great time at the AWA Conference, and particularly enjoyed visiting with friends I hadn’t seen for a year or more. I also moved along a few excess “projects” and parts in the Flea Market, and of course bought one more radio. This issue of the AWA Journal includes a complete Conference retrospective—check it out!

AWA “On-Air” events are continuing on their new schedule, which provides more time separation between events, and avoids conflicts with other Amateur activities. There now are new opportunities for AM transmission, and we look forward to in-creased numbers of participants. Complete details about the 2023 John Rollins Event appears in the “Amateur Radio” section of this issue. Check out the updated event schedule in “Membership News” and mark your calendars. We continue to appreciate the hard work of Joe Fell and his team of event coordinators.

Please note that the Spring Meet will be held on a new date—May 13, 2023. We will again feature a large auction of surplus and duplicate Museum items, along with a member Flea Market and Museum tours. Further details will appear on the AWA website, and in the Spring AWA Journal.

We also invite you to check out the Museum Store. In addition to our stock of AWA apparel and merchandise, we have an ever-changing inventory of surplus gear, including receivers, test equipment, tele- phones, manuals and free vintage radio magazines—items that you might not find anywhere else!

 The AWA Museum Store has a supply of projects awaiting new homes, along with apparel, books and much more!

Best wishes for a happy and successful 2023, and hope to see you at the Spring Meet!

—David D. Kaiser, Editor

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Amateur Radio Column

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