AWA Fellows

The AWA Board of Trustees has established an additional membership class – Fellow in Antique Wireless Association. Elevation to the status of Fellow is by invitation only to those persons who have been a member in good standing for the previous five years and whose contributions to AWA or to the history or science of communications are deemed outstanding by the Board of Trustees. Invitations to persons to become a Fellow will be made pursuant to a majority vote of the AWA Board of Trustees.

Nomination letters and forms must be received no later than August 1st.

The following AWA members were elected by the Board of Directors to the Membership Class of Fellow.

2020 Fellow Membership Selections

  • Michael Adams
  • Stanley Avery 
  • David Bart      
  • Julia Bart        
  • Brian Bellanger
  • Lynn Bisha      
  • Geoffrey Bourne
  • Erich Brueschke MD  
  • William Burns
  • Dexter Deeley
  • Marc Ellis       
  • Carlos Alberto Fazano
  • Joseph H. Fell III         
  • William Fizette Ph.D.  
  • Edward Gable
  • Robert Hobday           
  • William Hopkins Ph.D.
  • David Kaiser   
  • Joe A. Knight  
  • Felicia Kreuzer
  • James Kreuzer
  • Bartholomew Lee      
  • Robert Lozier 
  • Richard Neidich
  • Thomas Perera Ph.D. 
  • Carole Perry
  • Thomas Peterson, Jr. 
  • June Poppele  
  • Ronald Earl Roach
  • Bruce Roloson  
  • Ludwell Sibley  
  • Eric P. Wenaas Ph.D.      

2021 Fellow Membership Selections

  • Timothy Duffy
  • John Facella
  • Ronald Lawrence
  • David Minchella
  • Robert Streeter
  • Anders Widell

2022 Fellow Membership Selections

  • John Jenkins
  • Michael Migliaccio
  • Michael Raide
  • John Terrey
  • Timothy Walker

2023 Fellow Membership Selections

  • Michael Molnar
  • Timothy Martin
  • Chuck Penson  
  • Robert Rydzewski