AWA Awards and Honors

Over the past years of AWA operations, a series of recognition awards have developed to focus on the various facets of electronic communications.  These awards focus on recognizing past achievements as well as on-going effort to preserve, document and explore radio’s technology. Felicia Kreuzer is Awards Coordinator. Nominations for all awards should be submitted to Felicia by email using the AWA Conference Contacts at here or postal mail at Antique Wireless Association, C/O Felicia Kreuzer, PO Box 421, Bloomfield, NY 14469

A complete chronology of past recipients of past awards can be review by clicking on the button to the right.

In response to questions about the AWA Annual Award Rules, the Board of Trustees have approved the following revised AWA Award Rules to begin with the 2017 Awards. In addition to updated rules, AWA has placed a history of award winners on this and shown below. We are also pleased to announce that Felicia Kreuzer has agreed to be Awards Coordinator. Nominations for all awards should be submitted to Felicia by email or postal mail at the addresses below.


AWA’s program of yearly awards honors achievement by electronic communications writers, preservationists, collectors and historians.

The AWA Houck Award for Preservation, named in honor of radio pioneer Harry Houck, rec­ognizes the acquisition, preservation, and documentation of an outstanding collection of electronic communication artifacts by an individual or group. The collection may fo­cus on a specific class of device, a partic­ular time span, a certain country of ori­gin; or may be unlimited in scope. A preference goes to a collec­tor who makes the collection and/or related data base available for research use; like­wise, aid given to other collectors / re­search­ers is con­sidered fa­vorably.

The AWA Houck Award for Documentation recog­nizes quality original research and writing on the history or evolution of electronic communication technology in a published book, several articles in the AWA Review or AWA Journal or other publicly available periodical, or long-running web site. Preference will be given to sub­jects that have not been covered elsewhere. Assembly of a library of sig­nificant re­search re­sources, with that library being available to outside us­ers, is consid­ered favorably. 

The AWA Tyne Tube Award is presented, in remembrance of collector – writer Gerald F. J. Tyne, for contributions to preserving or documenting the history of tube technology by an individual or group.  The writing is nom­inally tube-related, but does not ex­clude doc­umentation of early solid-state dev­ices on their relationship to tube tech­nol­ogy.

The Bruce Kelley – OTB Award goes to the individual who published an article in the AWA Journal judged to be the most original, historical presentation of the award year. For each year’s award, articles in the four issues of the Journal published immediately before the AWA Conference will be considered.

 The J. Albert Moore Award, named in honor of a major contributor to the Antique Radio Club of America, recognizes original writing in the AWA Journal on troubleshooting, restoration techniques, performance evaluation, and identification techniques.  The time span of this year’s award is the same as for the Kelley-OTB Award.

The AWA Taylor Award is given in memory of John P. Taylor, TV developer at RCA and editor of the RCA Broadcast News, for documentation or preservation of the history of television technology.

The Robert Murray Award is awarded in honor of Robert Murray, AWA Review Editor Emeritus, for excellence in writing in the AWA Review.

The AWA Leadership and Honors Awards are given to acknowledge the many who make the AWA an all volunteer effort.


While AWA members are a natural subject of honor by any AWA award, non-member nominations are welcome; we recognize meritori­ous work, no matter the source. Pref­erence naturally goes to individuals who have not received sim­ilar awards previ­ously.

A nominee not selected for an award in one year automatically becomes a candidate for that award in the next year.

An individual receiving one of the aw­ards becomes eligible for a re-issuance of that award after five years.


Nominations for ALL AWARDS, including supporting reasons why the nominee should receive the award, may be emailed to the Awards Coordinator no later than August 1st. See the Conference Contacts page here.