Amplitude Modulation QSO Party Details

2023 AM QSO Party Details Information

By Ron Skipper W8ACR

Dates:  Starts Saturday Sept 30, 2023 @ 2200UTC, ends Sunday Oct 1, 2023 @ 2200UTC

Bands: 160, 75, 40, and 20 meters


1. To make contacts using the amplitude modulation mode

2. To promote and encourage the use of the amplitude modulation mode on the amateur radio bands.

3. To enjoy the friendly atmosphere and pleasant audio quality of AM communication

Bands and Frequencies:

Any frequency that is legal for voice communication may be used. Here are some recommended frequencies commonly used for AM:

160 meters – 1880, 1885, 1915, 1945

75 meters – 3830-3890

40 meters – 7160, 7280-7295

20 meters – 14286, 14330-14340


Name, callsign and QTH are required. Additional information is encouraged such as equipment being used, antenna, power level, weather report, etc.  Long winded rag-chew sessions are perfectly acceptable. Help and advice to AM newcomers is always encouraged and welcomed.


Any type of transmitter may be used provided it is legal on the amateur bands, and is capable of transmitting in the AM mode.


Please submit a score sheet and a log sheet regardless of level of activity. This allows us to evaluate the overall event so that occasional changes may be made. Please remember that this event is about amateur radio camaraderie and having fun.


Scoring rules will be unchanged from last year. Please note that there are TWO documents to be submitted, a log sheet to record each QSO, and a score sheet to tally your point total.

Basic Scoring:  Note – Power categories below are Carrier OUTPUT Power

You may contact each station only once per band:

  • You may contact each station only once per band.
  • 25 watts or less – ALL BANDS – use power multiplier 3 – each QSO counts as 3 points
  • 26 – 100 watts – ALL BANDS – use power multiplier 2 – each QSO counts as 2 points
  • Greater than 100 watts – ALL BANDS – use power multiplier 1 – each QSO counts as 1 point

Flagship Stations:

There will be two flagship stations operating during the AM QSO Party.

1. The first is W2AN which is the AWA Museum station call sign. This station will be operating from Bloomfield, NY

2.The second is W8ACR/0 which is my personal call sign. This station will be operating from Knox, ND. 

3. Log the Flagship stations like any other station you work. You will be given a single 10-point Flagship bonus for each Flagship station worked when you tabulate your score on the AM QSO Party Score Sheet. There is a separate line on the score sheet to record this bonus.  If you worked the Flagship stations on multiple bands, you still only get the one 10-point bonus for each Flagship station regardless of how many bands you worked the Flagship Station on.

Four Band Bonus:

If you make at least one contact on all four bands: 160, 75, 40, and 20 meters, you earn an additional 10-point bonus.  This bonus is recorded on a separate line on the scoresheet.

Sending in your Logs and Summary Score Sheet:

Scoresheets and log sheets are posted on the AWA website. Please download these and either mail them or email them to the event coordinator, W8ACR.  Please submit your log sheet even if you only made a few contacts.  Please send in both the scoresheet and a log sheet. Scoresheets and log sheets must be received at W8ACR by 2400 on Sunday October 29, 2023. Scoresheets and log sheets may also be obtained via USPS by sending an SASE to the address listed below.

The log sheet and the revised summary score sheet are posted on this AWA website and can be downloaded using buttons to the right.

Photos/Soapbox comments:

We encourage you to submit photos of your station, and any comments you may have about the AM QSO Party. Photos should be in high resolution JPG/JPEG format and not embedded into your email, but rather sent as an attachment.


The AWA traditionally provides a plaque to the station with the highest overall score.


Correspondence regarding the event, and requests for hard copies of the scoresheets and log sheets should be addressed to the event coordinator, Ron Skipper W8ACR. Contact information is given below.

Ron Skipper W8ACR

6466 41st Ave NE

Knox, ND 58343

skipperfam (at) gondtc (dot) com