Event Details for Amplitude Modulation QSO Party

2021 AM QSO Party
By Ron Skipper W8ACR

DATES:  Starts Saturday February 13, 2021 @ 2300 UTC, Ends Sunday February 14, 2021 @ 2300 UTC


1. To promote and encourage the use of the amplitude modulation mode on the amateur radio bands. 

2. To enjoy the friendly atmosphere and pleasant audio quality of AM communication.


FREQUENCIES: Any frequency that is legal for voice communication may be used, but here are some recommended specific frequencies:

160 meters – 1880, 1885, 1915, 1945

75 meters – 3830-3890

40 meters – 7160, 7280-7295

20 meters – 14286, 14330-14340

EXCHANGE: Callsign, name, and state are the only requirements, but we encourage exchange of other information such as equipment being used, antennas, and power levels. Any type of transmitter may be used as long as it is legal on the amateur bands, and capable of transmitting in the AM mode. Long winded rag-chew sessions  are perfectly acceptable, and of course, we also encourage help and assistance for newcomers who may be using AM for the first time. Please send in log sheets so that we may know who is participating, the overall level of interest, and the usage of each band. This allows us to evaluate the overall event so that occasional changes may be made. Lastly, remember that this event is first and foremost about amateur radio camaraderie and having fun.


25 Watt or less CARRIER OUTPUT – each contact on 160, 75, and 40 meters counts as 3 points

26-100 Watt CARRIER OUTPUT – each contact on 160, 75, and 40 meters counts as 2 points

>100 Watt CARRIER OUTPUT – each contact 0n 160, 75, and 40 meters counts as 1 point

ALL 20 meter contacts count as 2 points each regardless of power output (This is new for 2021)

You may contact each station only ONCE PER BAND

FLAGSHIP STATIONS: There will be two flagship stations operating with the callsign W2AN which is the AWA Museum station callsign. I will be operating one of these stations from my home QTH in North Dakota.  The other station will likely be from the Amateur Radio Station at the AWA Museum in Bloomfield, NY. The scores that each W2AN station earns, will not be listed in the summaryranking, but will be listed separately in the results. The first contact with each of these stations counts as ten points. Subsequent contacts with these stations on other bands count as one, two or three points, depending on your power output as stated by the rules.  All 20 meter contacts  count as two points regardless of the power.  For example, if you are using a 250 watt transmitter, and contact the Midwest W2AN station first on 20 meters, then on 40 meters, you would score a total of 11 points. If you also contact the east coast W2AN station first on 75 meters, then on 20 meters, you would score an additional 12 points. If you are using a 25 watt transmitter, your scores for the same contacts would be 13 and 12 points respectively. All scoring decisions will be at the discretion of the event coordinator.

LOGS: There is a summary log sheet posted on the AWA website. It is not necessary to send in your entire log, only the summary sheet is needed. Even if you only make a few contacts, please send in a summary log sheet. Logs must be received by the event coordinator no later than 2400 UTC on March 14, 2021.

PRIZES: The AWA traditionally provides a nice plaque to the station with the highest overall score.

PHOTOS/SOAPBOX COMMENTS: We encourage you to send in any photos of your station, and any comments you may have about the AM QSO Party. Photos should be in high resolution .jpeg format and not embedded into your email, but rather sent as an attachment. Correspondence regarding the event, and requests for hard copies of the summary log sheets should be addressed to the event coordinator, Ron Skipper W8ACR, at the addresses provided below. E-mail correspondence is preferred, but correspondence by USPS is also acceptable.

Ron Skipper W8ACR

6466 41st Ave NE

Knox, ND 58343

skipperfam (at) gondtc (dot) com

Station Example

This is the station that Joe-W3GMS is considering using during the AWA AM QSO Party.  It’s a memorial station that I created in my museum, to honor my mentor, Harry I. Davis – W3FDY (SK).  The Johnson 500 is not low power, so I may switch to a lower power rig for this year’s event.