About the AWA

What is the Antique Wireless Association?

The Antique Wireless Association was started in 1952 by Bruce Kelley, George Batterson, and Linc Cundall – amateur radio operators and radio collectors from upstate New York. Their initial goal was to collect and preserve early wireless and radio equipment and historical information before it was lost to future generations. Their successful AWA legacy continues after nearly 6 decades.

The Antique Wireless Association, with over 1,200 international members, is chartered as a non-profit organization in New York State, an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, and is a member of the American Association of Museums. To learn more about AWA and its history review the choices of this About Us sub-menu items, or to join, visit the Memberships pages of this website.

Additional Antique Wireless Association Activities

In addition to the commitment to the preservation of historical artifacts at the Antique Wireless Museum, the Antique Wireless Association is also committed to preservation of the story associated with those artifacts. Quarterly the AWA publishes The AWA Journal containing features on the history and preservation of all aspects of the history of communications.  Additionally, the AWA annually publishes the AWA Review, a peer reviewed publication containing more extensive historical papers on electronic communications.

The Antique Wireless Association sponsors a four day annual conference in August featuring technical presentations and forums, a large auction, an award banquet, equipment and artifact competition, a book sale, and an active flea market. The AWA Conference affords attendees plenty of time to renew and make friendships, time to engage in long conversations on collecting, preservation and all other aspects of the hobby.

Contact Information

A complete set of e-mail contact forms are located on the About Us/Contacts page of this website. This page also has critical phone numbers. Since the AWA Museum and facilities are not staffed on a daily schedule, e-mail is recommended.