2020 AWA Virtual Conference

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 AWA Conference was rescheduled for 2021. However, to keep interest going for Conference attendees and others interested in the event’s presentations, a series of virtual events have been arranged.

2020 People’s Choice Contest

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2020 Virtual Conference Presentations

A significant portion of each year’s AWA Conference are the presentations on many aspects of communications history and technology. A number of the schedule presentation have been recorded and are available for viewing on the AWA YouTube channel. Below are a listing of the presentations if you wish to view any specific one click on that line, or utilized the button below to watch all current AWA YouTube videos.

Robert Lozier’s Moonlight Restoration Hints and Kinks

Jim Hanlon’s 126 Years of HF Amateur Radio Innovation Part 1 ~ 1894 to 1929

Joe Fell’s AWA 2020 Conference On Air Report

Felicia and Jim Kreuzer’s “Pre-1912 Wireless & Electrical Show and Tell”

Jim Hanlon’s “126 Years of HF Amateur Radio Innovation Part 2” ~ 1930 to 1945

Mike Molnar’s “The History of Westinghouse Radio and Television and KDKA Pittsburgh

Mike Molnar’s “Early Electrical Meters

Jim Hanlon’s “126 Years of HF Amateur Radio Innovation   Part 3 ~ 1945 to 2020″

Ed Gable’s “The Amateur Novice License”

Joe Fell’s “The Hiram Percy Maxim Story”

Tom Perera’s “Spy” Radio Operations, the ENIGMA and CIA “BUGS”

Virtual Membership Meeting with Bob Hobday

2020 AWA Awards presentation

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